Закрыто Jordi
05 Декабрь 2013, 09:25


I have some resources, one cash and others from a banks accounts.

I would want to use your program adding manually only my cash transactions. The others I would want to import them.

But I realize that when I have import my bank transactions there are some of them that are not expenses but Transfer/Exchange between ressources. There is the possibility to modify a transaction and convert it to Transfer/Exchange transaction?

For the time being I've created a category of "transfers between my accounts", but then I've noticed that in the reports this category distorts a lot the global viewing of the daily/monthly operations.

It happen the same with the import transactions that are Credit returns, can I modify a transaction that has been imported to make it a credit return operation?

Have I some other way to do it?

Thanks again,

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Diana / сотрудник
06 Декабрь 2013, 18:53

Hi Jordi,

For the time being, it's not possible to import Transfer/Exchange or Credit returns transactions. If you have such transactions on your bank statements, the best course of action would be to delete the imported "regular" transactions and manually add Transfer/Exchange or Credit returns transactions. In this case they will be correctly accounted for and displayed in various reports and charts.

07 Декабрь 2013, 20:41

Ok, thanks.

01 Октябрь 2014, 20:48

Turning imported cash withdrawals from transactions to transfer/exchange - which they are - would really be a great plus

Diana / сотрудник
07 Октябрь 2014, 19:10

Hi Simona,

This is something we're planning to implement in the near future.