10 Useful Tips to Stop Impulse Buying From Draining Your Budget

10 easy tips to curb impulse spending and protect your family budget. Learn how to break off bad impulse buying habits and avoid making irrational financial decisions. This will help you save money for your goals and achieve financial independence.

Published at March 29, 2013 13:36

5 Easy Ways to Save Money

Five easy ways to save money every day as a result of efficient personal finance management and wise household budget planning. This tips will help you increase savings and improve your family's financial situation in general.

Published at May 09, 2013 10:54

Five Basic Steps For Creating a Budget

Five easy steps for effective budging and wise money management. If you want to build a realistic budget plan, that will help you get in control of your personal finances and live a debt-free life, then try InEx Finance online budgeting software.

Published at July 08, 2013 18:04

InEx Finance is Now Automatically Syncing With Banks

InEx Finance allows to securely synchronize with bank accounts. You can automatically import transactions and get a holistic view of your personal finances. Save time by directly connecting to your bank and pull out financial data in a matter of seconds.

Published at May 01, 2014 17:04