Online Reports and Graphs in Personal Finance Management Tool

Starting tracking daily income and expenses is just the first step in the complex process of personal financial planning. In order to be able to make informed money management decisions that will positively affect current and future well-being of your family, you should dedicate some time to analyzing your aggregated financial data and understanding how to manipulate these figures to your advantage. Knowing exactly how much money you have coming into and going out of your family budget is a great start towards mastering your personal finances. Yet learning how to decipher the logic behind your spending habits and use these patterns to build effective financial models for household budgeting, cash flow forecasting or projection of future expenses are key elements to your financial health and success.

InEx Finance is a robust money management software that offers a great mix of online tools for personal financial planning and budgeting. It is designed to help you organize your personal finances quickly, securely and efficiently. Easy-to-use, yet fast and powerful features are intended to meet all your financial needs, whether you want to develop a more realistic family budget, cut back on excessive expenditure, get out of debts or establish an emergency fund. InEx Finance expense tracking system has been equipped with a wide selection of reporting tools to assist you in making better financial decisions about how you save and spend your hard earned money. A variety of easily customizable reports and charts will help you gain deep insight into your financial activity and carefully plan ahead for the future based on accurate data and comprehensive analysis.

Knowledge is the key to success and InEx Finance online money manager efficiently consolidates the information you'll need in order to set the course for financial freedom. Our meaningful reports and graphs make it easy for you to:

  • Analyze summary reports of your daily income and expense transactions filtered by currency, category, resource and date range;

  • View account balance for your various resources and analyze total turnover for any given time period;

  • Access historic data of your transactions and quickly sort out the records according to your criteria (by date, resource, category, tag, income/expense amount or currency);

  • Compare your income vs. expenses for a custom date range and get a visual understanding of your financial performance;

  • Analyze your spending habits by categories or frequently used tags and easily spot areas that require improvement;

  • Compare your financial activity within income/expense categories for two different time periods and quickly identify any problem zones;

  • Track your household budgets month-to-month and promptly make necessary adjustments to trim your spending down and stick to your budget plans;

  • View your pending debts or deposits and easily take notice of the balance you still have to pay off or expect to receive;

  • Monitor the progress towards reaching your financial goals and easily determine whether you are behind or ahead of schedule;

  • Analyze category trends for any given time-frame and accurately project future spending or revenues;

  • Analyze category dynamics to track your saving or spending performance over a certain period of time and correctly distribute your budget allocations;

  • Track your expenses in Google Maps (for mobile users) and draw the map of your financial transactions recorded on the go;

  • Analyze currency rates dynamics and see how the daily currency fluctuations affect your personal finances;

  • View scheduled one-time or recurrent events with associated transactions and be financially prepared to cover any upcoming expenses.

The table reports and charts in our online budget planning software give you deep understanding of your real financial situation and enable you to access vital financial information in a breeze. You can easily customize the reporting tools to pull out the data you need, quickly switch from table to chart view or save the filtered results to your computer via CSV Export feature. With InEx Finance personal money manager it's easy to become financially savvy and bring order to your personal finances.

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Updated at March 02, 2013 13:09