Except as provided in the cases below or by express notification from the Company to the contrary, payment for the Service, regardless of the selected Paid Subscription plan and whether used or unused, is non-refundable. Nonuse or partial use of the Service does not constitute your cancellation of the Service, nor does it remove your obligation to pay applicable Paid Subscription fee.

A refund of the payment for Paid Subscription Service will be issued in the following cases:

  1. If you request cancellation of your Paid Subscription within 24 hours after making the payment;
  2. If the Company can no longer provide the Service as advertised. The amount of the refund due will be proportionally calculated based on the number of days left until the expiration of your Paid Subscription;
  3. If the Company cancels your payment because of suspicions of fraud or illegal activities.

Updated at February 08, 2013 18:09