What makes an online personal finance software powerful is the ability to produce fast, qualitative and efficient results when handling ordinary and complex financial issues alike. We've taken it a step further and developed a personal money management system that would be both powerful and universal. Our main goal is to make InEx Finance users to be at ease and feel comfortable whenever they organize and manage their personal finances with us. We offer a large selection of versatile tools and powerful instruments designed to help you find the financial balance that is right for you and your family and keep it steady.

The following outlines some of the tools and features that make InEx Finance powerful and universal:

1. Insightful Reports: InEx Finance offers various table reports to assist you in tracking your income and expense, analyzing your spending habits, following your budget plans, monitoring the progress towards your savings goals and evaluating your financial performance over time. Our powerful online reporting tools make it easy for you to perform standard or custom searches, run comparative analysis, apply multilevel filters based on various parameters and save the search results to your computer using our Export to CSV (Excel) feature. Apart from the standard filter options available in the selected table report, you can also use the sort tool (arrows up and down in the title column) and quick search tool (the Search box in the upper right corner of the table header) to narrow your results. Our insightful reports will help you stay on top of your finances and make smart money management decisions.

2. Comprehensive Charts: we have compiled an extensive range of line and pie charts intended to give you a holistic view of your personal finances and quickly spot any potential problem areas that require your immediate attention. The charts are in fact a graphical representation of your financial activity, which makes them an important instrument in personal money management and budget planning strategies. InEx Finance software enables you to monitor your account turnover for any given time period, compare historic spending vs. saving data, check account balances, observe the daily currency rates fluctuations (especially helpful if you handle multi-currency transactions), etc. Apart from standard tasks, the chart reports also serve the purpose of a forecasting tool intended to help you define future budget planning models and construct viable personal money management strategies. You can look at your income and expense trends by different categories or monitor the dynamic of your spending and saving performance in order to map out the best plans to follow.

3. Google Calendar Sync: if you regularly use Google Calendar to better organize your time and schedule upcoming events, then you are welcome to take full advantage of our integrated external services. InEx Finance syncs seamlessly with Google Calendar, thus you can easily combine your financial activities with your day-to-day events in one single place and actively take control of your time and money simultaneously. Upon successful authentication the pending operations generated from your InEx events and your credit (debt/deposit) return notifications will be automatically exported to your Google Calendar. Let us make sure that things which are important to you are not forgotten or neglected.

4. Third-party Authentication: the digital world we now live and work in poses great security challenges for all of us. We are required to provide usernames and passwords almost on a daily basis. Remembering and storing different combinations of login credentials may become quite an overwhelming task. We've tried to alleviate this problem by integrating InEx Finance users' authentication through third-party APIs. If you have an existing Google, Facebook, Yahoo! or Yandex account, you can use our external authentication feature to register or sign in to your InEx Finance account. It will save you the trouble of creating another set of login details. This convenient authentication method is also highly secure, since the external service returns only a unique session identifier to the requesting party. Your password to the external service account is not disclosed or transmitted during external authentication connection.

5. Personal Organizer: what makes InEx Finance software universal is that apart from performing various daily accounting tasks it also helps you solve other parallel issues related to your financial life. We provide various accounting and reporting tools to assist you in organizing and managing your personal finances effortlessly and securely. Besides being your personal finance organizer, InEx Finance lets you create personal budgets and set personal savings goals. We have designed powerful and highly efficient tools to help you lay out realistic budget plans, track and control your personal budgets and wisely save money for your individual goals without changing your lifestyle. In addition to being your personal budget planner, InEx Finance software is also an excellent personal event organizer. Our event calendar tool will help you keep pace with your busy life and never miss an important event or commitment. You can create one-time or repeating events, customize the way how InEx Finance sends you timely reminders and set up the recurring transactions feature.

6. Recurring Transactions: InEx Finance makes it easy for you to manage and organize the activities that occur on a regular basis (such as monthly utilities, mortgage payments, credit card bills, monthly insurance expenses, etc). Our recurring transactions feature helps you gain control over your time and money and never be caught off guard by fast approaching deadlines for your financial commitments. InEx Finance software will send you timely alerts and reminders about upcoming financial operations according to the schedule you've created. The automatic notifications will be emailed directly to your mailbox, apart from being posted to your InEx account messages. The recurring transactions feature is the perfect tool for outlining a clear picture of your future plans, financial activities and projected expenses.

7. External Transfers: InEx Finance software allows you to establish financial connections with other InEx users and offers simplified accounting tools for recording your sending or receiving of funds within InEx system. Our external transfers feature enables you to actively interact with your friends or family members who are also InEx Finance users and easily do the accounting of sent/received money. Although the external transfer feature establishes an active connection between your account and other InEx Finance users' accounts, it is highly secure and safe to use, since the external user only sees the external transfer transaction details and your InEx name and email address.

8. Personal Debt Manager: debt management plays an important role in personal money management and disregarding this simple truth may bring serious consequences to your financial situation and life in general. InEx Finance software offers practical debt management solutions to help you carefully and efficiently manage your debts and step by step build your path towards a debt-free future. Our credits tool is intended to assist you in wisely handling your debts and deposits, make opportune decisions and learn how to get out of debts painlessly and smoothly. InEx Finance personal debt manager provides maximum possibilities to stay on top of your personal finances even during economic crisis. With a little self-discipline and commitment, we'll show you how to get your financial life back on the right track and stay afloat during difficult times.

Updated at March 02, 2013 13:26