If you want to send your daily transactions via email to be automatically imported into InEx Finance online money management software, then you can avail yourself of InEx Email Import feature. The transactions in your email messages should be listed according to a predefined format in order for them to be correctly parsed and imported into your InEx Finance account. The email messages should correspond to the below format:

1. Email Header

Field Description
From:your@email.com May be different from the email used for registration
To:mail_identifier@import.inexfinance.com The system email assigned to your account (can be found in the Email Import settings)
Subject:INEX Not case-sensitive, no additional words or spaces are allowed before and after the subject title

2. Email Body

Your email may contain one or several income/expense transactions listed according to the below format:

# First Transaction

category:Salary resource:Cash date:2012-08-17 income:12.34 expense:56.78 currency:USD tags:tag1, tag2 comment:some comment;

# Second Transaction

category:Food resource:BOA Visa date:2012-07-22 expense:28.5 currency:USD tags:grocery shop comment:preparing for the party

Element Description
category:Your Category The category name as listed in your account (case-sensitive)
resource:Your Resource The resource name as listed in your account (case-sensitive)
date:YYYY-MM-DD Transaction date according to this format
(optional element)
The amount of the income transaction with dot (.) as decimal delimiter
(optional element)
The amount of the expense transaction with dot (.) as decimal delimiter
currency:XXX The currency code as listed in InEx Finance Supported Currencies
tags:tag one, tag2
(optional element)
One or several tags separated by comma and a space; words in a multi-word tag are separated by space
comment:some comment
(optional element)
Some regular text, preferably the last element in your transaction


  • Transactions in email body are separated by semicolon (;) immediately followed by newline (Enter);

  • If category is missing or does not exist, new category "Email Import Category" will be assigned to the imported transaction;

  • If resource is missing or does not exist, new resource "Email Import Resource" will be assigned to the imported transaction;

  • If income and/or expense amount is missing, the imported transaction will have "0.00" income and/or expense;

  • If currency is missing or does not exist, the Default Currency for your account will be assigned to the imported transaction;

  • Empty lines in email body will be ignored;

  • Transactions with at least one element will be processed;

  • The data can be imported as Operations (your confirmation required before addition to Transaction List) or Transactions (directly added to your Transaction List). Visit your Email Import settings to configure this parameter;

  • Recommended email character encoding is UTF-8 plain text (no HTML);

  • Emails are processed once an hour.

Updated at March 02, 2013 13:52