1. Personal Finance Management or Time Management: What is More Important?

Online Personal Financial Software For Time Management And Event Planning

Time management is probably as important as personal money management. If you can organize yourself and correctly balance your workload throughout the day, then chances are high that you'll excel in personal financial planning as well. Time and money are like two old friends that walk hand in hand, eager to shape the future course of your life unless you decide to step in and be the master of your destiny. Efficient time management will help you regain control of your day and make the most out of the time you have at your disposal. Planning future activities and events in advance will positively influence your behavior: when you are prepared for what lies ahead you can feel more confident and in control of the situation. Indeed time is the best counselor and lack of it can lead to hasty decisions or rash actions.

Planning and prioritizing are essential for efficient personal finance management. The same holds true when it comes to better organizing and managing your time. Imagine if you missed the deadline for your car insurance payment, or failed to attend an important business meeting, or forgot to buy your spouse a present for your wedding anniversary? Sometimes such oversight may have no serious repercussions, but other times it may adversely affect you socially or financially.

2. InEx Finance is the Ideal Online Organizer of Your Time and Money

Taking into account that money management and time management are closely related, we have integrated useful tools and features in our personal finance software that will help you better organize your time and schedule your future activities. Everyone has his own grading scale and standards when evaluating personal finances. Time management requirements likewise vary from one person to another, that's why we've tried to develop flexible and easily customizable instruments to meet a wide range of basic and more advanced organizational needs. The Events tool allows you to do the following:

  • Create a personalized Events calendar with easy navigation and smooth layout;

  • Schedule one-time (single) Events and associate financial transactions to them in the currency of your choice;

  • Schedule repeated Events and link recurring transactions to them: this greatly simplifies the management of those payments that are made on a regular basis (e.g., utility bills, mortgage, rent);

  • Create the most complex schedules for your recurring Events by choosing from a large selection of repeat patterns (e.g., the second to last day of every 3 months or the last Friday of each month);

  • Create a suitable schedule for your advance reminders about upcoming Events, that will be sent to your email depending on the date and time you select (e.g., 6 days before at 11:37);

  • Review, edit or delete the financial transactions associated to your Events before confirming and making them part of your transaction register;

  • Easily edit your Events rules (the schedules for single and recurring Events) and quickly save them to your computer via CSV/Excel export feature;

  • Synchronize the reminders about your upcoming Events and their related financial transactions with your Google Calendar.

Jim Rohn once said:

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.

With InEx Finance personal time organizer and event planner you can rest assured that you'll never miss a single payment deadline, an important meeting or family event. We'll see to it that you are always up-to-date on things that matter to you, while you can focus on making money and increasing your wealth. Do not waste your time on things and processes that can be automated. After all, time is money but a lot more precious.

Updated at March 02, 2013 13:10