1. Personal Finance Management in Multiple Currencies

Online Personal Finance Program in Multiple Currencies

Have you ever felt the need of handling and tracking transactions in multiple currencies without having to open separate accounts? Do you want to manage your personal finances in USD, EUR, GBP and many other global currencies at the same time and yet get a holistic view of your overall financial situation?

With our online money management software you have the freedom to choose as many currencies for your account as you wish. We understand that manual conversion of currencies can be a painstaking task that may bring inaccurate results. With the multi-currency support feature, we've tried to alleviate this problem and simplify the tracking and processing of all your financial data in one secure place, regardless of transaction currency.

See why InEx Finance is the perfect online financial planner for you:

  • You can handle financial transactions occurring in different countries and in various currencies under a single login.

  • You may select an unlimited number of currencies for your account. The currency exchange rates are daily downloaded from the Internet and readily available in our reports.

  • Wherever appropriate, the system will aggregate your financial data relative to your default currency in order to present consolidated reports, charts and overviews. You can easily customize your default currency and look at your financial situation from different angles.

  • The advanced reporting tools allow you to select the currency of your choice while analyzing your financial data.

  • You can upload your bulk transactions executed in multiple currencies using the Import feature.

The multi-currency support feature plays an important role in personal finance management. Whether you are a businessman or a student, a traveler or a common employee, you will feel the effects of the globalization sooner or later, when geographical boundaries get blurred and multi-currency transactions become a norm. InEx Finance provides the right tools for efficient management and accurate accounting of your personal finances.

2. Instant Access to Your Personal Finances

Efficient financial planning and proactive money management require much more than simply recording your day-to-day transactions. In order to make informed decisions that affect your personal finances you should know where you stand financially and where you want to be. InEx Finance online money manager ensures that you have instant access to your account anytime and anywhere. See what makes our web based personal finance program different:

  • Instant access to your account balances and transaction data: all you need is Internet connection.

  • InEx Finance works flawlessly on Windows, Linux or MacOS and displays properly in all browsers.

  • There is no additional software or third-party applications to download.

  • No paid membership or premium features upgrade: InEx Finance is absolutely FREE.

Since online security has become a primary concern, especially when it involves personal information and financial data, we have employed the latest cutting-edge technoligies to ensure your peace of mind and full confidence while managing your personal finances with us. Learn more about InEx Finance security practices.

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Updated at March 02, 2013 12:59