Free Online Application for Personal Finance Management

InEx Finance is a free web-based personal finance application that offers practical and easy-to-follow solutions for efficient money management and budget planning. If you have always been reluctant to maintain a household budget or put together a personal finance planning strategy because these tasks simply seemed too tedious and time-consuming, then InEx Finance personal money manager will make you change your mind. The site has been specifically designed to automate the entire process of daily expense tracking and family budgeting and simplify the workload required to keep things rolling with minimum attention and monitoring from your part.

We strongly believe that personal money management shouldn't be regarded as a painstaking activity. On the contrary, this should become an enjoyable and necessary hobby for every family that strives to reach financial independence and live a debt-free life. The following highlights the basic features that describe our online personal financial planner:

  • You can bring all your money accounting together in one secure place and get a holistic view of your personal finances;

  • You are not required to provide any personally identifiable information upon registration or sync your bank accounts with your InEx profile;

  • You can easily upload your credit card or bank account statements using OFX import feature and export your financial data to your computer via CSV export;

  • You can manually record cash transactions in multiple currencies under a single account and classify them into meaningful categories and tags;

  • You can instantly track your income or expenses and access your account data anytime and anywhere: the only thing you need is Internet connection;

  • You can easily create, adjust, monitor or automatically generate your monthly budgets and compare your household spending month-to-month in order to make sure you're on the right track;

  • You can set short-term or long-term financial goals and even break them down into sub-goals in order to reach them faster;

  • You can manage your debts and deposits and set reminders in order not to forget about the due dates;

  • You can create your own calendar of one-time or repeated events with associated financial operations and synchronize them with your Google calendar;

  • You can make use of various reports and graphs in order to get a clear understanding of your financial situation and promptly make improvements where needed;

  • And much much more.

If you still have doubts that personal financial management is something you'll be able to commit to and pursue, then here are a few more arguments for you to consider:

  • Try our fully functional demo version and decide for yourself whether our personal finance planning and budgeting software meets your requirements;

  • Record your income and expenses on the go using InEx Finance mobile version, track your transactions in Google Maps using the built-in geolocation feature;

  • Feel the difference of an intuitive interface and user-friendly design intended to enhance your user experience and increase your satisfaction.

It's never too late to take your financial situation in your own hands and proactively influence its future course. If you need a little help along the road, then you'll find InEx Finance online money management software a valuable ally.

Updated at March 02, 2013 13:06