Nowadays more mobile-savvy people are looking for ways to manage their social or business lives with the help of multiple devices packed with applications for every occasion. In a constant struggle to keep up in today's busy world, personal finance planning becomes one of the top priority tasks. Having access to your personal finances anytime and anywhere becomes crucial when you have to take real-time money management decisions on the go. Being able to see a complete picture of your financial situation at the right time gives you the advantage of making the right choices and avoiding unnecessary risks. Smartphones and tablets are not just for socializing, entertainment, or shopping. They can also become priceless assets when it comes to personal money management and budgeting. Choosing the right financial planning app will help you take control of your finances and make smarter spending decisions whenever or wherever you need it.

1. InEx Finance Mobile site version for any modern mobile device: iPhone, iPad, Android, WebOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone

InEx Finance Mobile for Personal Money Management and Budgeting

We remain committed to making personal money management better fit your lifestyle, so that your financial planning endeavors become efficient and enjoyable at the same time. InEx Finance offers a full-fledged mobile version of its website to satisfy the needs of avid mobile Internet users who prefer keeping track of their personal finances on a mobile device instead of desktops or laptops. InEx Finance Mobile version is packed with powerful yet easy-to-use tools to help you stay financially fit and manage your money in a way that best fits you. InEx Finance Mobile makes it easy for you to:

  • Securely access your financial data via 256-bit SSL encryption;

  • Organize all your personal finance accounting in one secure place;

  • View your account balances at a glance and evaluate your current financial standing;

  • Quickly add, review or edit income/expense transactions on the go;

  • Easily create new custom categories or resources for your account;

  • Manage monthly budgets for your income or expense categories;

  • Track your budget performance and receive alerts when you exceed your limits;

  • Manage your personal debts or deposits and receive email reminders about due repayment dates;

  • Project future spending by creating a personalized calendar with one-time or recurring events;

  • Receive advance email notifications about planned upcoming income or expense events;

  • Manage financial goals and monitor your savings progress;

  • View a basic set of reports on your spending and saving with multiple filter options.

2. InEx Finance Free Android App for your Smartphone or Tablet

Managing personal finances on the go is now even easier with InEx Finance app for your Android phone or tablet. Whether you need to record your daily expenses as they occur, or check your account balance in order to make informed money management decisions in real time, InEx Finance Android app will help you get in control of your personal finances anytime, anywhere. The app efficiently combines usability with productivity, allowing you to access your financial data quickly and securely whenever you need.

With InEx Finance free Android app you can:

  • Consolidate all your personal finances in one secure place;

  • Block access to the app by setting a lock password;

  • Synchronize the Android app with your account;

  • Add multiple users for your account;

  • View, add, update financial data offline;

  • Track expenses in multiple currencies;

  • Create as many categories, resources, budgets as you need;

  • Manage your personal debts and deposits on the fly;

  • Track your budgets on the go and make sure you don't overspend;

  • Set financial goals and stay motivated to reach them in time;

  • Plan ahead for the future with one-time and recurring events;

  • View basic reports on your revenue and expenses, budgets, goals, credits, etc.

Updated at March 02, 2013 13:24