InEx Finance software makes it easy for you to organize your business and household activities that occur on a periodic basis. The repeated Events tool will help take control of your busy life and bring some order into your daily schedule. Moreover with the Recurring Transactions feature you can forget about overdue bills or late monthly payments, since our easy-to-use and highly efficient instruments will assist you in planning your life ahead. With InEx Finance Events tool you'll never be caught off guard by fast approaching deadlines or financial commitments. The following case scenario is intended to give you helpful guidance on how to use the repeated Events tool in different situations.


Your gym membership fee is $80 a month and you have to pay it on the last Friday of each month. You've been with this gym for 2 years now and you have no intentions whatsoever of switching to a new gym. You are comfortable with the membership fee and location of your current gym. Follow these simple steps to add this repeated Event to your InEx Calendar and make sure you don't forget to pay your membership fee on time:

  1. Access the Events tool from the top menu.
  2. In the displayed calendar (for instance, the current month is November 2011) click on the cell with the date “25”, which corresponds to the last Friday in November (the start date for your repeated Event).
  3. In the New Event window, enter a relevant Name for your repeated Event (for instance, “Gym Membership Fee”).
  4. Select the Category and Resource for the monthly Recurring Transactions associated with your repeated Event (for instance, “Health Care” and “Cash”, respectively).
  5. Enter the Expense amount and Currency (for instance, 80 USD).
  6. Optionally, write some Tags (for instance, “fitness”) and a short Comment to remember the details of your repeated Event.
  7. Click on Schedule section to select “Monthly” in the Repeat field and choose the desired parameters for your Repeat Monthly pattern (for instance, the last Friday of each month): “Day type” -> “Day of week (Advanced)”, “Week day” ->“Friday”, “Day of Week offset” -> “-1”.
  8. Click on Notification section to select the day and time when you would like to receive monthly automatic Event reminders from InEx Finance directly to your mailbox (for instance, “1 day before” and “10:30”, respectively).
  9. When you are finished, click on Create button to add the new repeated Event to your InEx Calendar.

Now if you go back to your Events Calendar, you'll see that it is populated with recurrently generated Events “Gym Membership Fee” in those cells that correspond to the last Friday of each month.

If your gym membership fee increases over time (let's say you have to pay $90 as of June 2012) and you want your repeated Event to reflect this change as well, then you can easily make the necessary adjustment following these steps:

  1. Access the Events tool from the top menu.
  2. Browse through your Events Calendar and click on any entry named “Gym Membership Fee” (there is no need to particularly search for the original Event created on November 25, 2011; you may click on any recurrently generated entry with the name “Gym Membership Fee”).
  3. In the Edit Event window, change the amount in the Expense field to 90 (or type “80+10”).
  4. When you are done, click on Update button to save your changes.

You can follow the above steps if you want to edit any other information related to your repeated Event (for example, Event Name, Resource, Repeat parameters, etc). It's worth mentioning that the changes you make will affect all “Gym Membership Fee” entries, i.e. the original Event and all recurrently generated ones (past and future).

Each time InEx Finance system sends automatic reminders to your mailbox for the monthly entries generated from your repeated Event “Gym Membership Fee”, it also generates Operations (“From Event: Gym Membership Fee”) based on then current Transaction details saved for your Event. They will be posted to your Operations board in the right sidebar on the Events page.

In order to actually register the incurred monthly expense ($80) in your InEx account, you should click on Confirm icon corresponding to the Operation “From Event: Gym Membership Fee”. This procedure has to be repeated monthly if you want to have Recurring expense Transactions being posted to your InEx Finance account every month on the last Friday. If you need to apply any changes, you can edit the Operation itself (simply click on the link “From Event: Gym Membership Fee” in the Operations list) or the Transaction after it has been posted.

Additionally, you can also synchronize your InEx repeated Events with your Google Calendar for consolidated time management and event planning. Upon activation of this feature, all your Operations recurrently generated from the repeated Event “Gym Membership Fee” will be automatically exported to your Google Calendar as well. If you want to enable Google Calendar sync, just follow the instructions in our Help guide.

Thus every time InEx Finance system sends automatic reminder emails (based on your Notification parameters) for your repeated Event “Gym Membership Fee” and generates Operations (“From Event: Gym Membership Fee”), these Operations will also appear in your Google Calendar under the dates corresponding to their respective recurrently generated entries.

Updated at August 06, 2012 10:13