InEx Finance software makes it easy for you to organize your routine activities and plan upcoming events. The Events tool will help you never miss a payment deadline, a family celebration or a business commitment. You can take control of your busy life and bring some order into your daily schedule, thus eliminating the frustration of missed appointments or forgotten plans. InEx Finance provides just the right instruments to assist you in organizing both your financial and social life. The following case scenario is intended to give you helpful guidance on how to use the Events tool for one-time activities in different situations.


Your friend is getting married in January 2012. Unfortunately you won't be able to attend the ceremony, however you would like to send her a wedding present. The gift you have in mind (it costs $350) is currently sold out, but you've been informed that new stock is expected on the 10th of December 2011, a month from now. You really want to buy this specific wedding present for your friend, and you plan to visit the shop again the moment new stock comes in. Follow these simple steps to add this event to your InEx Calendar and make sure you don't forget to buy the desired present:

  1. Access the Events tool from the top menu.
  2. Browse through the month buttons on top of the calendar to select “December”.
  3. In the displayed calendar, click on the cell with the date “10”.
  4. In the New Event window, enter a relevant Name for your upcoming Event (for instance, “Jessica's Wedding Present”).
  5. Select the Category and Resource for the financial Transaction associated with your Event (for instance, “Friends” and “Credit card”, respectively).
  6. Enter the Expense amount and Currency (for instance, 350 USD).
  7. Optionally, write some Tags (for instance, “gifts”) and a short Comment (for instance, “Vintage souvenir shop on 157 Edison Avenue”) to remember the details of your Event.
  8. Click on Notification section to select the day and time when you would like to receive an automatic Event reminder from InEx Finance directly to your mailbox (for instance, “2 days before” and “12:15”, respectively).
  9. When done, click on Create button to add the new Event to your InEx Calendar.

If your plans happen to slightly change (the shop manager called to inform you that the gift you wanted would be back in stock on December 15 actually), then you can easily update the information in your Calendar as well. This is how you can change the date for your Event “Jessica's Wedding Present”:

  1. Access the Events tool from the top menu.
  2. Browse through the month buttons on top of the calendar to select “December”.
  3. Click on the Event Name “Jessica's Wedding Present” in the cell with the date “10”.
  4. In the Edit Event window, click on the Date field to select “15” from the flash calendar.
  5. When done, click on Update button to save your changes.

You can follow the above steps if you want to edit any other information related to your Event (for example, Event Name, Expense amount, Comment, etc). However when you only need to change the Event date, there is a much easier way to do so:

  1. Find the Event “Jessica's Wedding Present” in your InEx Calendar.
  2. Click on the Event Name and drag it to the cell dated “15”.

When you change the Event date, the Notification parameters are readjusted as well. Thus on December 13 at 12:15 sharp, InEx Finance will send an automatic Event reminder to your mailbox. Moreover the system will generate an Operation (“From Event: Jessica's Wedding Present”) based on the Transaction details you supplied while creating (or, as the case may be, last updating) the Event. It will be posted to your Operations board in the right sidebar.

On December 15, when you come home after having purchased the desired wedding present from the souvenir shop, you can register your expenses (which in fact amounted to $361, since there was an unexpected price increase for the new stock) using the following steps:

  1. Access Events tool from the top menu and click on the link “From Event: Jessica's Wedding Present” in the Operations list.
  2. On the Edit Operation page, change the Expense amount to 361 (or enter "350+11") and then click on “Update and Confirm” button.

Another way to record your expense is to confirm the Operation “From Event: Jessica's Wedding Present” (by clicking on the Confirm icon in the right sidebar on the Events page or using the link provided in the automatic Event Notification from InEx Finance) and then edit the Expense amount for posted Transaction. However we recommend that you use the first method.

Moreover you can easily synchronize your InEx Events with your Google Calendar for consolidated time management and event planning. Upon activation of this feature, your Operation “From Event: Jessica's Wedding Present” will be automatically exported to your Google Calendar as well. If you want to enable Google Calendar sync, just follow the instructions in our Help guide.

Thus on December 13 (“2 days before”) at 12:15, when InEx Finance sends an automatic Event Notification to your mailbox and generates the Operation “From Event: Jessica's Wedding Present”, this Operation will also appear in your Google Calendar under the date December 15, 2011 (the date of your Event “Jessica's Wedding Present”).

Updated at August 06, 2012 10:16