1. Effective Household Budget Planner & Personal Budgeting System

Personal Budget Planner and Household Budgeting Tool

Personal finance management requires a lot more than simply recording daily transactions and tracking expenses. If you want to improve your financial situation, increase and protect your family welfare, then you should lay down effective home budgeting strategies to wisely manage your money today and save for tomorrow. Without a workable personal budget in place, you risk missing the big picture behind your finances and overlooking key factors that can determine the success or failure of your money management endeavors.

InEx Finance personal budget planner is the optimal online software for managing and organizing your family finances in one secure place. It's time to forget about pen and paper budgeting, because our web based personal finance software offers an extensive range of easy-to-use online budgeting tools to assist you in creating a customizable household budget that's best for you and your family. With a little self-discipline and motivation, you'll come to realize that personal finance budgeting is vital for achieving financial independence and success.

InEx Finance money management software makes online budgeting easy and efficient:

  • A complete set of advanced budgeting tools to help you create, adjust, monitor and compare your monthly household budgets.

  • An overview of income/expense totals for the past six months for a new budgeted category to help you determine the appropriate amount to budget in the selected area based on your historical data.

  • Rollover feature that enables you to carry over any expense balance left in a budgeted category from one month to the next.

  • Budget progress rate (in percentage and small graphical representation) to help you determine how closely you follow your budget plans and prevent exceeding your monthly allocations.

  • Instant notifications to alert you when you go over your budget spending limit and prompt you to make any necessary adjustments (either to your monthly budget or your spending habits).

  • Automatic budget generation feature that automatically generates your monthly family budgets based on the predefined data you supply.

  • Comprehensive table reports to help you keep a close watch on your month-to-month budgets and make sure you are on the right track.

  • Insightful charts intended to give you a clear visual understanding of the efficiency of your online budget planning strategies.

2. Flexible Money Management Software for Online Budgeting and Expense Tracking

If you want to set a realistic personal budget, then you should carefully analyze your historic spending data and be honest with yourself while forecasting future earnings and expenses. Planning ahead for the future is indeed a difficult task, but with a little bit of analysis and self-observation it is possible to map out a viable family budget that you'll manage to follow. Tracking daily expenses, monitoring balances, analyzing trends - these are all important parts of the budgeting process that can affect the final result: to reduce household expenses and save money.

Our personal finance software has been designed to help you achieve your money management goals and enjoy a financially stress-free life. This is an optimal personal financial planner for your entire family if you need:

  • Automated income and expense tracking of all your financial operations executed in multiple currencies.

  • Easy classification of your transactions into customizable resources, categories and tags; breakdown of transactions into separate items.

  • Instant access to your transactions register while you are on the go; save the coordinates of your mobile transactions in Google Maps using Record Geolocation feature.

  • Personal time manager and event organizer; set one-time or repeated events and easily synchronize them with your Google Calendar.

  • Simple management and accounting of money sent to/received from other InEx users via External Transfer feature.

  • Efficient tools for managing personal debts and deposits; set reminders about due dates and sync them with your Google Calendar.

  • Helpful reports featuring account overviews, multifaceted comparisons, category trends, category dynamics, goals progress, currency rates dynamics, etc.

With our online money management system you have all your financial data right at your fingertips. Let InEx Finance do the math, while you can focus on making informed decisions and evaluating the results.

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Updated at March 02, 2013 13:07