How can the reporting tools help me better manage my personal finances?

Reports represent a powerful tool when it comes to seeing financial trends, laying out realistic budget plans, analyzing spending habits, or working out personal money management strategies. Simply put, Reports are a compilation of your daily transactions which the system processes, analyzes and filters in order to help you form a clear view of your financial situation.

InEx Finance has developed advanced and comprehensive online reporting tools designed to assist you in tracking your income and expenses, monitoring the progress towards your financial goals, adjusting your monthly budgets, or running comparative analysis. In other words, if you want to stay on top of your finances and make the right decisions, then the Reports tool will come in handy.

What kind of Table Reports can I view?

We have developed more than 15 different types of Table Reports where you can perform standard or custom searches, apply filters based on various parameters and save the results to your computer via Export to CSV (Excel) feature (use the CSV/Excel Export icon in the table header). There is at least one Table Report available for each of your InEx account tools: Resources, Categories, Transactions, Events, Goals, Budgets, Credits, Tags. The most frequently used Table Reports can be accessed directly through the Reports tool in the top menu. If you want to see the full set of available Table Reports, simply select All Reports from the Reports drop-down list. Some of the Table Reports may also be viewable as Charts, simply click on Chart View icon in the table header.

How can I change the Currency in Table Reports totals?

Some of the Table Reports allow you to visualize the results in various Report Currencies. Depending on the Currency you choose, the transaction amounts and table totals will also change. However there are certain Table Reports where it is imperative to preserve the original Currencies of your financial operations. In such cases the table totals will be calculated and shown in the Default Currency for your InEx account. If you want to set another Default Currency, just access Language/Currency option in your account settings.

What purpose does each Table Report serve?

Although all Table Reports are multifunctional and easily adjustable to a wide range of custom searches, there is still one primary objective each of them has been designed to meet. Learn which Table Report is best to use for your specific purposes by reading the synopsis below:

  1. End Day Balance - see how much money you have left in your various Resources at the end of the day. Look at your Income vs. Expense amount by Resource since InEx account opening date. If for a certain Resource you've had Transactions executed in different Currencies, then the Resource balance will be listed for each Currency separately.
  2. Resource Balance – view your InEx account balance by Resource. If for a certain Resource you've had Transactions executed in different Currencies for the selected period, then the Resource turnover will be listed for each Currency separately. You can use custom date ranges to analyze your cashflow dynamics.
  3. Transactions Report - this is a summary of the income/expense Transactions you record into your InEx account on a daily basis. You can take a look at your overall saving vs. spending for the current month or use a custom date range.
  4. Credits Report - you can view your Open or Closed Credits in different Report Currencies. See what portion of your debts you have already paid off, and how much money you are still due to receive from the deposited amounts.
  5. Credit Transactions - this report lists all the Transactions associated with an Open or Closed Credit. It is quite handy when you are settling a debt/receiving back a deposit by several installments over a long period of time.
  6. Budgets Report - analyze and evaluate your family Budgets by different Years, Months and Report Currency. Look at your Budget fulfillment percentage to understand how wisely and efficiently you've managed your personal finances.
  7. Budget by Category - find which Categories you have created Budget plans for over time. Monitor how your saving/spending habits have affected your Budget limits month-to-month.
  8. Budget Transactions - this report lists all the Transactions that have been accounted for while calculating your monthly Budgets by Category. You can track your income and expenses within a budgeted Category to make sure that you remain committed to your personal budgeting strategies.
  9. Category Turnover - look how much you've spent or saved within a certain Category. You can customize the date range to pull out historic income vs. expense data.
  10. Resource Turnover - gives you a detailed overview of your income and expense Transactions by Resource stored into your InEx account for different time periods. This report will help you figure out whether you are correctly distributing your money between Resources.
  11. Period Turnover - this report shows summarized data of your InEx account turnover for the selected period. If for a given time-frame you've had Transactions executed in different Currencies, then the Period Turnover will be listed for each Currency separately.
  12. Event by Category - you can take a look at your Events history by Category.
  13. Event by Resource - you can take a look at your Events history by Resource.
  14. Category Comparison - this report allows you to select two different time ranges and compare the Categories in your InEx account by their Income or Expense amount. You may choose to filter the results by specific Resource and view the amounts in different currencies. This report also shows the difference between the amounts displayed for the two given periods.
  15. Goals Report - you can view Enabled or Disabled Goals in various Report Currencies. Compare the projected amount of your savings Goal with the amount you've actually managed to save in order to get a clear idea of how much money you still need.
  16. Currency Rates per Day - this report lists the supported Currencies and their daily exchange rates relative to the Report Currency you select. The Currency rates are updated on a daily basis. To view historic data, simply click on the Date box to choose a date from the calendar.
  17. Tags Report - you can better understand your spending habits by looking at this report. It lists all the Tags you have heretofore used in order to make your Transactions more descriptive and easily recognizable. See which Tag rates first in your list and which ones are less popular.
  18. Tag Transactions - since a Transaction can be identified by one or several Tags, this report is quite useful when you want to track all Transactions labeled with a specific Tag.

Regardless of the Table Report you view, you can use our sort tool (the arrows up and down in the title column) and quick Search tool (the Search box in the upper right corner of the table header) at the same time as the standard Filter tools available in the selected Report.

Updated at February 14, 2012 18:18