1. What information is required during registration?

When you sign up for your InEx Finance account, you are required to provide your name (maximum 50 characters) and email address (if you supply an invalid email address, you won't be able to take full advantage of our money management tools and software functionality). To complete the registration, you should create a password (between 6 and 24 symbols, special characters allowed) and confirm it. Make sure you've agreed to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy before registering.

2. Why am I getting an error message?

If you receive an error message while trying to register, please make sure that none of the fields have been left blank and the supplied name doesn't exceed the allowed length. An error can also occur when the password and confirm password fields do not match, or the provided email address has already been registered in the system. At any rate, the error message displayed on the screen should prompt you to the specific reason/s.

3. How does the External Authentication feature work?

If you are reluctant to create and save another set of login credentials, then External Authentication is the perfect solution. You can sign up for an InEx Finance account using your current Google, Facebook, Yahoo! Or Yandex login details. In order for you to successfully register your InEx account and access our online personal finance software, we should be able to retrieve your name and email address from these third-party authentication services, otherwise you'll have to follow the standard registration procedure.

Updated at August 06, 2012 10:17