Why are Goals featured together with my Resources?

The money you put aside in order to achieve the financial goals you have long dreamed of can also be regarded as an imaginary wallet, like your other InEx Finance Resources, which you are going to use when the time comes to fulfill your goals. If you have to cover any unexpected expenses you haven't considered while planning your budget, you could still pay from your Goal money as a last resort.

How do I create a financial Goal?

Follow these simple steps to set a new financial Goal:

  1. Access Other in the top menu and click on Goals from the drop-down list.
  2. Click on Add Goal while on the Goals page.
  3. Give a relevant Name to your new Goal.
  4. Indicate the target Amount you need in order to meet your Goal.
  5. Choose the corresponding Currency from the list.
  6. In From/Until fields, select a time frame during which you will be saving money for your Goal.
  7. In the Overdraft notification field, choose if you want to be alerted through a pop-up message whenever you add a Transaction that exceeds the available Goal balance.
  8. Select a Background color to keep you well motivated.
  9. Enter some short notes in the Comment box. This field is optional.
  10. When done, click on “Create” button.

How do I edit a Goal?

To edit a Goal, access Other in the top menu and click on Goals from the drop-down list. While on the Goals page, click on the Goal entry you want to change. After you make all necessary changes on the Edit Goal page, click on Update button to save your changes. Please note that all prior records stored in your InEx account under the edited Goal will also be affected by your changes.

What is a Disabled Goal?

If your budget money is tight and you feel you won't be able to save for your Goal for a while, you have the possibility to temporarily disable it. This would be like postponing your Goal for more productive times so to speak. Just access the Goals page and click on the Goal entry you want disabled. On the Edit Goal page, select status Disabled and hit Update button. Please note that all prior records stored in your InEx account under the Disabled Goal won't be affected.

How do I delete a Goal?

If you decide your Goal has become more and more unreachable, or it no longer interests you, then you can delete it at any time. Just click on Delete icon corresponding to the entry you want deleted while on the Goals page. The system will alert you to the number of related Transactions and Events that will irreversibly be deleted as well. You may click on the numbers to review them before proceeding to deletion. Finally press "Yes" button if you want to complete the Goal deletion procedure.

How can I check the progress towards fulfillment of my Goals?

InEx Finance online software provides you with various tools to plan your future, rationally distribute your savings, manage your financial goals and keep track of your progress. If you want to know how much you've already saved for your short-term or long-term Goals, use any of the following ways:

  1. Access Goals page and look at your active Goals list. Each entry shows key details for your Goal, such as target Amount, due fulfillment date and the progress already made (calculated as a percentage ratio).
  2. Access Reports from the top menu and select Goals Report from Table Reports list. You can browse through the Enabled and Disabled Goals, perform your search by specific Currency, or use sort and quick search tools.
  3. Since Goals are in a way a special type of Resources, you can also use our various Resource-based Reports (such as: Resource Turnover, Resource Balance, Events by Resource) in order to get a clear understanding of how efficiently you are saving your money.
  4. Access Reports from the top menu and select Goals from Charts list. You can see a visual picture of the progress you've already made towards your Goal with a short Summary report describing your saving activity.

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Updated at February 13, 2012 19:31