What are Categories?

Categories are the labels you assign to your income and expense transactions in order to easily identify and sort them later on. Using Categories helps you define the nature of your financial operations, link together transactions originating within the same group and put your spending habits in order. You can create multiple personalized Categories useful for your own financial planning and home budgeting purposes, from Household, Food, Insurance to Clothes, Entertainment, Gifts, etc.

How can I add a new Category?

In order to achieve a balanced budget, it is important to identify the types of your income and expense by properly defining your Categories. If you want to create a new Category, follow these basic steps:

  1. Go to the top menu and select Other->Categories->Add Category at the top of Categories page.
  2. Give your new Category a suitable name to make it more descriptive.
  3. If you don't want to set a recurring monthly Budget for this new Category, then leave “None” for Automatic budget generation field.
  4. If you can forecast the expected monthly revenues and expenses for this new Category, then it would be convenient for you to activate the Automatic budget generation feature by selecting “Category Budget” from the list.
  5. Select a Background color (you may even pick out a color that corresponds to the level of importance of your Category).
  6. Enter some Comments if you wish.
  7. In “Budget template per Month” section, indicate the desired values for fields “Rollover” and “Expense limit exceeded notification”, and enter the Income/Expense amount with corresponding Currency. The system will use this pattern data to automatically generate your Budget for this Category on the first day of each month.
  8. When you are done, click on Create button.

How can I edit a Category?

To edit a defined Category, access the Categories page and click on the listed Category entry you want to change. After you make all necessary changes on the Edit Category page, click on Update button to save your changes. Please note that all prior records stored in your InEx account under the edited Category name will also be affected by your changes.

What is a Disabled Category?

If you think you won't be needing a certain Category for a while, you have the possibility to temporarily disable it. Just access the Categories page and click on the Category entry you want disabled. On the Edit Category page, select status Disabled and hit Update button. Please note that all prior records stored in your InEx account under the Disabled Category name won't be affected.

How can I reinstate a Disabled Category?

In order to reinstate a Disabled Category, just access Disabled Categories link on the Categories page and click on the Category entry you want reinstated. On the Edit Category page, select status Enabled and hit Update button. The Enabled Category will automatically migrate to your active Categories list.

How can I delete a Category?

If you decide you no longer need a Category listed on your Categories page, just click on Delete icon next to the Category entry you want permanently removed. The system will alert you to the number of related Transactions, Events and monthly Budgets that will irreversibly be deleted as well. You may click on the numbers to review them before proceeding to deletion. Finally press "Yes" button if you want to complete the Category deletion procedure. We strongly recommend that you disable a Category instead of deleting it, otherwise you will lose all the financial information linked to the deleted Category. If it's still necessary to delete the Category, then please back up your data first.

Please note that you can't delete Correction, Transfer/Exchange and External Transfer, since these are system Categories.

How can I change the order of my listed Categories?

You can change the order of your listed Categories using the Drag tool on the left side of each entry on the Categories page. The system will display your Categories in the same order while selecting a Category from the drop-down lists.

Updated at February 13, 2012 19:29