How to connect to the app if I've previously logged in via external authentication only?

To connect to the app, you should provide your username and password. If you have previously logged in to InEx Finance web service via external authentication, you can retrieve your password by using "Forgot your password?" option when being signed off. Enter your email address and click on "Send me reset password instructions" button. Follow the instructions in the email sent to your inbox shortly thereafter in order to retrieve your InEx Finance password.

How to exit/terminate the application?

Google advises not to put a "Quit" or "Exit" button in Android apps. It is useless with Android's application model, since the system handles this automatically. To return to desktop click on hardware button "Home" (in the bottom left corner of the screen).

How to run synchronization?

After entering your correct email/password, the system will start synchronization automatically. The first sync may take a few minutes (depending on the data volume). To start any subsequent data synchronization, please access "Users" page and click on "Synchronization" button. It is advisable to run synchronization several times a week.

What is the maximum interval between syncs?

The maximum interval between syncs is 30 days. If the last sync occurred more than 30 days ago, the app blocks any sync attempts. In order to enable the synchronization process, you have to delete the user profile and create it anew.

How to remotely block synchronization?

In case of theft or loss of your mobile device, you must access your account on InEx Finance, choose "Settings" -> "Authentications" and delete Inex Mobile key linked to the mobile device which you want to disable sync for. In order to restrict access to account data, you must set a lock password to access the app.

How to change the active user?

In order to change the active user, access "Users" page, choose the inactive user and click "Activate".

How to restrict access to the app?

You must set a lock password in order to restrict access to the app. Access "Settings" and choose "Lock Password", enter "New password" and "Confirm password". Next time you launch the app, you will be asked to enter the Lock Password. In order to disable lock password, simply enter "Current password" and leave blank "New password" and "Confirm password" fields.

How to change the list of selected currencies?

In order to change selected currencies, access "Settings", click on "Selected currencies" and tick off the desired currencies.

How to report an error or make a suggestion?

To report an error, make a suggestion or submit an inquiry, just send us an email through Contact Us form or report the issue in Questions/Answers section.

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Updated at January 08, 2013 11:25