Simple Android Application for Personal Finance Management

Now you can easily manage your personal finances anytime, anywhere with InEx Finance Android app. Inex Finance personal money management software brings the powerful set of expense tracking and budgeting tools to the convenience of your Android device. With InEx Finance free Android app you have all your personal finances right at your fingertips, allowing you to make informed spending decisions in real-time and always be in the know of your actual financial standing.

If you are constantly on the move or simply prefer using a mobile device while relaxing on your couch, then InEx Finance Android app is the optimal solution for handling your daily financial tasks in an easy and efficient way. InEx Finance for Android is a feature-rich app that lets you view, update and manage your financial data in online or off-line mode. To start using InEx Finance Android app, quickly sing up for an account on InEx Finance and you are good to go!

Key Features:


  • Simultaneous access to account data by multiple users;
  • Ability to restrict access to the app via a lock password;
  • Log, view, edit or delete financial data while off-line;

InEx Finance Free Android App for Personal Money Management

  • Secured cloud sync across various platforms;
  • Ability to block synchronization for a specific user;
  • Run sync whenever convenient;
  • On-demand updates of financial data on InEx Finance web app and Android app;
  • Easily customizable account settings.

Money Management

  • Unlimited number of fully customizable resources, categories and tags;
  • Ability to track income and expenses in multiple currencies under the same resource;
  • Split transactions by items;
  • Easily add, view or update transactions;
  • Set monthly budgets for spending categories and track performance;
  • Powerful budgeting tools: automatic budget generation, budget rollover;
  • Manage personal debts and deposits on the go;
  • Set financial goals and monitor your saving performance;
  • Project future spending with single or recurring events;
  • View reports on account balance, budgets, debts, goals and other.

User Experience

  • Simple and intuitive user interface with smooth navigation throughout the app;
  • Supported languages: English and Russian;
  • Tags auto-complete;
  • Color labeling for resources, categories and events;
  • Built-in calculator for easy entry of amounts.

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Updated at July 24, 2012 17:09