Why the name InEx Finance?

The origin of the name InEx Finance is actually quite simple and obvious: "In" stands for income, and "Ex" is the abbreviation for expense. We tried to combine the three basic elements of a money management system: your personal finances and their transformation into income or expense.

How can I change a Resource balance?

You can update a Resource balance by adding a Correction Transaction. You may use the End Day Balance report to view the current balance of a given Resource. The difference between the actual balance and the one displayed in the report shall be entered as income or expense amount for new Correction.

How to make easy calculations?

When you operate with fields that contain amounts (e.g., income, expense, expected return, etc), you can easily calculate the final sums you need to enter by using the flash calculator that will appear the moment you input any sign of operation: plus (+), minus (-), multiplication (*) and division (/). The flash calculator will instantly display the result of your mathematical operation/s, and you should press Enter or simply refocus your mouse if you have finished your calculations. You can also use parentheses to specify the order of your operations. Please note that the amounts can not be negative, consequently the sign "-" will be automatically deleted upon pressing Enter whenever the result in the flash calculator will be a negative number.

How to sort data in tables?

You can sort data in any table that contains the arrows up and down in the table header. The first click on a specific column header will sort the table data in ascending order. The second click on the same column header will result in descending sorting. The column by which the data is being sorted will be highlighted.

Why am I asked to confirm my email?

You have to confirm the email address supplied for your dedicated InEx account in order to be able to receive automatic event reminders, credit notifications and monthly account overviews straight to your inbox. You can confirm your email by clicking on the "Send confirmation email" link in the notification section of your profile, or by accessing the link provided in the Registration confirmation email. You can do this at any time after successful registration, however please note that no automatic notifications will be sent to your email until it has been confirmed.

Do the currency exchange rates affect the data in my InEx account?

Since any InEx account supports multi-currency operations, you can enter, view, browse and consolidate your financial transactions in any currency listed in your account settings. This however may result in slight discrepancy when it comes to delivering aggregated reports and money balance overviews, inasmuch as your transaction data is strongly dependent on the daily currency fluctuations. We've tried to reduce to minimum the impact of currency exchange rates when processing your account data. To the extent possible, we indicate which currency exchange rates (current rates or the rates at Transaction Date) are being used in various reports or account overviews.

How can I retrieve my data after having canceled my InEx account?

If you decide to cancel your InEx account, we strongly urge you to back up all your account data first and then click on Delete button located on Edit Profile page. Please note that after cancellation all your account information and data pertaining to your transactions, resources, categories, budgets, events, etc will be permanently and irreversibly destroyed. We won't be able to restore your account or help you retrieve financial operations data, since we don't keep backup copies after account cancellation.

How can I activate the automatic Budget generation?

You can either manually set up your family budget every month, or activate the automatic budget generation feature. This can be done at the same time when adding a new/editing an existent Category. The field "Automatic budget generation" will be set at "None" by default. You should choose "Category Budget" from the select list, enter the corresponding Income/Expense amount and currency in the "Budget template per Month" section and finally click on Create or Update button respectively. A new budget for the selected Category will be automatically generated on the first day of each month based on the then current records for your "Budget template per Month". Please note that you can change the Income/Expense amount and currency for your "Budget template per Month" or even add several records in different currencies at any time when editing a Category.

How is the percentage ratio calculated?

For your convenience, we display percentage ratios in various sections of your InEx account such as: Overview, Goals, Budgets, Goals Report and Budgets Report. This will help you easily monitor the progress towards fulfillment of your projected Goals and efficiently budget your home finances. The percentage value is provided for your reference only and may slightly differ from the actual figures, depending on whether you have performed Transactions in currencies other than your Budget template per Month or projected Goal Amount throughout the selected period. We use USD as base currency (when making automatic conversion) in order to avoid percentage fluctuations when displaying the results in different currencies.

What are the oldest currency exchange rates in the system?

InEx Finance has begun storing the worldwide currency exchange rates since January 1, 2011. This also applies to the Currency Rates per Day Report that will retrieve accurate exchange rates only back to January 1, 2011.

How can I back up my InEx data?

All the consolidated Table Reports listed on the Reports page show the Excel icon in the table header. By clicking on this icon you will be able to export the currently displayed data into CSV/Excel files and save them to your computer. You can back up the data relating to your Transactions, Resources, Categories, Budgets, Goals, Credits and Events for any given period by choosing the appropriate Report and export the filtered data into CSV/Excel files. In case you need to change the CSV/Excel Export parameters, access the Export option in your account settings.

Why can't I find my transactions by date or amount while using Search Transactions tool?

Most probably you are using an incorrect format for your search query. In order for the Search Transactions tool to return accurate results, you should make sure that your search query is typed according to the following requirements:

  • for integer amounts, type your query as 83 or 83.0 (instead of 83.00);

  • for decimal amounts, type your query as 83.45 (if 2 decimal digits) or 83.4 (if 1 decimal digit);

  • for dates, type your query as "YYYY-MM-DD" for exact matches.

For additional examples on how to use the universal Search tool, please visit our Help page.

Updated at January 22, 2013 12:33