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Nowadays when everyone leads a very busy life, it's of utmost importance to know where your money is going, set the correct priorities and accurately manage your financial resources. InEx Finance is committed to providing the highest level of quality in personal finance management and online budgeting. Our goal is to help each person better organize and distribute his funds, monitor his income and expenses, plan his home budget, set financial goals and learn how to achieve them. Spare a few minutes of your time to enter your daily operations, and you'll be amazed by the benefits you can enjoy with a dedicated InEx account.

InEx Finance's general purpose is to offer smart solutions to people who are looking for an easy to use and easy to understand online money manager that would put personal finances in order, reveal ways to cut expenses and make savings. No need to have any professional financial training or accounting knowledge. InEx Finance was namely designed to be easily accessible to everyone at no cost. Our priority is to bring stability and financial security into your hectic life and help you understand whether you are using your financial resources efficiently.

Our Team

The management of InEx Finance consists of the most open-minded and knowledgeable people in this field. We have combined years of experience to build a professional team with great maturity and a clear vision for the future. We strive to make sure that any project we work on will not only exceed your expectations, but also improve your personal welfare and further your financial soundness.

To InEx Finance team, success means operating to the very highest standards and delivering the best results. Driven by passion and young in spirit, we are focused on making your life easier!


InEx Finance would like to express its gratitude to Ruby and Ruby on Rails community for their excellent open source products that lie at the basis of our project. We wish you good luck in your Ruby way :) Keep up the great work!

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D&D Limited

Office 14, First Floor, Trinity House

Victoria, Mahé

Republic of Seychelles

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