InEx Finance allows you to organize and manage your personal finances the way that suits you best. It is packed with simple yet powerful online money management tools designed to help you cut down living expenses, create an efficient family budget and reach your savings goals. The functionality in our personal finance management software can be easily adjusted to meet your specific requirements and needs, so that you can use it on a daily basis to take care of various financial tasks.

We continue to enhance our software's potential by adding new features and improving the current functionality. All these updates are the result of users' suggestions and feedback that help us better understand your view of a perfect online money management software and try to make InEx Finance the optimal choice for your financial needs. Here is a roundup of recent InEx Finance updates:

1. Data Import

InEx Finance allows you to import your transaction data from external sources, so that you can get a holistic view of your finances and make informed money management decisions. Having all your financial data consolidated in one place helps you focus on important things that affect your financial situation and get valuable insight of your real financial standing. InEx Finance lets you upload bank account statements from various file formats, as well as transaction history from other mobile or web money management tools. Before finalizing import, all the uploaded records are verified against duplicate entries, thus you don't have to worry about overlapping financial periods.

Import from the following banks is now supported by our online budgeting software:

  • CSV import from (Romania)
  • CSV import from HDFC Bank (India)
  • XLS import from Triodos Bank (Spain)
  • XLS import from Caixa d'Enginyers (Spain)

You can also import data from the following personal finance programs:

  • CSV import from mobile app Expense Manager
  • CSV import from mobile app AndroMoney
  • CSV import from mobile app SplashMoney

2. Supported Currencies

People from all over the world start using InEx Finance in order to get in control of their personal finances and get out of debts. For convenience, users can manage personal finances in their own currency, which makes InEx Finance a truly international tool. Moreover the software also allows you to select as many world currencies for your account as you need and enter transactions in different currencies under the same account. These are the currencies recently added to InEx Finance:

Currency Name Currency Code
Chilean Peso CLP
Omani Rial OMR

3. Reports

InEx Finance offers a wide range of customizable reports and charts intended to give you a comprehensive view of your personal finances and deep insight into your spending habits. You can apply various filters (by date, category, resource, tag, etc) in order to pull out the data you need or even compare different periods to see whether you're doing any progress with your finances. Reports are a vital tool in financial planning, and our wide range of various tables and graphs will help you get the most complete picture of your finances and analyze them from any possible angle.

Recent updates in InEx Finance reporting tools include:

  • Scroll Bar: for ease of use, we've added the scroll bar to all table and chart reports with select boxes for categories and resources. This small visual improvement will come in handy for users that deal with many resources and/or categories and want to select all of them in the reports. From now on they won't have to move the page down because of the long select box occupying the entire screen in order to see the report results.

  • Hyperlinked Categories and Resources: all the table reports in InEx Finance, as well as the Transactions page and account Overview, display hyperlinked categories and resources so that you can easily click on them and go straight to the corresponding report. If you apply date filters in any of these places and then click on a hyperlinked category or resource, the results in the report will be filtered by the same date period.

  • End Day Balance: previously this table report allowed you to see only current account balance by resource by currency. Now you have the possibility to visualize the status of your account on any day in the past. You can see at a glance how much money you had at any point in the past by selecting the desired date and compare it with your current financial standing.

Published at January 22, 2014 11:05
Updated at January 22, 2014 11:08

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