InEx Finance makes it easy for you to manage your personal finances the way that suits you best and look at your data from different angles. The core idea behind using online money management software is to get a clear understanding of where you currently stand, where you are heading financially and what you should do or change in order to achieve the desired outcome. Our software is packed with a set of powerful yet easy-to-use tools intended to make personal finance management painless and efficient.

Here are the latest news bites from our online budgeting system:

1. Reporting Tools

We've made some changes to Categories Turnover report in order to simplify working with categories and subcategories. Now you can simply tick off “Include Subcategories” if you want to view all the income and expenses recorded under the selected parent category and all its subcategories. When you have categories with many subcategories, it may be a bit cumbersome to select each one of them manually from the Categories box. Instead you can have them all automatically included with a click of your mouse.

2. Mass Edit

When you are using Mass Edit feature to edit transaction tags, you can choose one of the 3 options (by clicking on the small icons next to Tags field):

  • Replace: replaces the current tags in the selected transactions with the one/s you enter in Tags field in the Mass Edit form;

  • Add: adds the tags you enter in the Mass Edit form to the one/s currently listed for the selected transactions;

  • Delete: searches for matches of the tags you enter in the Mass Edit form among the selected transactions and deletes them if found.

Please note that you can enter several tags (including multiword tags) separated by comma in the Mass Edit form.

3. CSV File Import

We are glad to inform you that InEx Finance data import capabilities have been extended. Now you can import CSV files downloaded from US bank SunTrust. As with all file imports, the system automatically verifies the imported records against duplicates and alerts you in case of any errors during file processing. You can inspect the preliminary import data before finalizing the import operation. InEx Finance makes it easy for SunTrust clients to automate income and expense tracking by allowing to bulk import their bank transactions.

4. More Global Currencies

One of the key factors that makes our online personal finance software truly international is the fact that it supports most popular global currencies. In addition to using InEx Finance in their local currency, people around the world can simultaneously record transactions in different global currencies under the same account. The multi-currency account feature is quite convenient, especially for people living in countries where USD or EUR are in wide circulation. The following new global currencies have been recently added to InEx Finance:

Currency Name Currency Code
Jamaican Dollar JMD
Paraguayan Guarani PYG
Tunisian Dinar TND

Published at June 13, 2013 18:07
Updated at June 13, 2013 18:07

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