Last month our team was quite busy implementing some new personal finance features, upgrading existing money management tools and giving our website's homepage a facelift. We are constantly working on enhancing InEx Finance functionality and design, so that you can enjoy managing personal finances the way that best fits you. We stay true to our belief that the ideal online personal finance software should be extremely easy-to-use, while still providing powerful capabilities and feature-rich interface that appeals to users. Each new update and improvement brings us closer to that goal.

Here is a roundup of the most important InEx Finance updates:

1. Full Account Backup and Recovery

Now you can backup all your account data with just a click of your mouse. This recently implemented capability allows you to make a copy of the financial information in your account and save it to your computer as a small zip archive. The backup copy includes data about:

  • resources, categories, sub-categories, tags, comments
  • transactions, budgets, credits
  • events and operations
  • basic account settings (default/selected currencies, time/date/number format, interface, etc)

You can also fully restore your account data as at the date of the last backup by importing the corresponding zip file. Please note that during account recovery all information you've entered after the last backup will be lost.

2. New Homepage Design

Last week we launched a completely revamped homepage with new design and fresh look. The idea was to deliver a more creative approach to personal finance management and build a homepage that truly speaks to our users by keeping things simple and stylish. The new look is now more in sync with our personal finance software objectives, portraying key tools and features available to users. The redesigned homepage unveils smooth layout, clear navigation and insightful graphical elements, that aim to improve user experience and provide core information about InEx Finance at a glance. We hope you'll like the new touch and feel of our online money manager.

3. InEx Finance is Now Available in Google Chrome

Back in February we published InEx Finance in Chrome Web Store. For your convenience, you can install our web app directly from Chrome Web Store and quickly access it by clicking on InEx Finance icon that will appear in the Apps section of the New Tab page. Moreover we developed InEx Finance Quick Add, a simplified version of our web app that allows you to instantly enter new transactions and check your account balance through a popup without leaving your current tab or opening a new window. InEx Finance Quick Add Chrome extension is cross-platform and works smoothly on Mac OS, Windows and Linux.

4. Account Balance Popup

Many users had repeatedly asked us to bring back the capability that allowed them to visualize current account balance by resources while entering new transactions. We decided to reinstate this feature with some small changes. Now you can easily view how much money you have left in your various resources (in their original currencies) by clicking on "Balance" located at the top of the page (next to Calculator). The Balance popup behaves much like the built-in Calculator, allowing you:

  • to customize its position on the page by dragging and placing it wherever you like
  • to enter transactions on the page without it closing
  • to scroll up and down in case you have too many resources
  • to navigate from one page to another without it disappearing

If you want to see the most up-to-date account balance information, simple click on Refresh button in the Balance popup header.

Published at March 06, 2013 11:06
Updated at March 07, 2013 18:34

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