As we continue to enhance our personal finance management tools, we would like to keep you abreast of the recent developments in InEx Finance budgeting software. Some new features have been added, while other tools have been refined in order to provide a visually enhanced personal money management experience. All these changes aim to optimize your family finances and turn the chore of financial planning into a pleasant and rewarding activity.

Here is a list of changes in InEx Finance online money management software:

1. Overview Page

Now you have even broader flexibility in personalizing the Overview page in your InEx Finance account. You can customize the type of information you would like to see displayed on your Overview page by choosing either the Last Transactions (a table listing last 10 transactions), or the Daily Chart (a graph with your daily total income and expenses), or the recently added Cumulative Chart (a graph showing the daily evolution of your cumulative income and expenses throughout the month).

Cumulative Income and Expense Chart

The Cumulative Chart is a valuable money management tool, because it allows you to analyze how your total income and spending progress day by day and timely tweak your monthly budget if needed. You can customize your Overview page from your account settings.

2. Resources

While adding a new Resource, you can also enter the initial Resource balance in corresponding currency. After you hit Create button, the system will add the new Resource and automatically generate a Correction transaction with the income amount equal to the indicated initial Resource balance.

3. Chart Reports

We have recently updated the Categories Monthly Turnover report by changing it to stacked bar graph. We tended to make this chart report more visually appealing and intuitive. It now provides better insight into your historic spending and saving by categories. The Categories Monthly Turnover report makes it easier for you to track household expenses month by month and quickly determine those categories where most of your money is being spent in.

Monthly Stats on Income and Expenses by Categories

4. InEx Finance Android App

Last month we made several improvements to InEx Finance Android application geared towards increasing its overall performance and speed. The latest 0.2.0 version is already available for download and brings the following updates and new features:

  • updated user interface with a sleeker layout and easier navigation;
  • application wide performance optimization;
  • support for transactions backup to CSV;
  • overall speed boost.

Furthermore if you want to take full advantage of all the functionality available in InEx Finance Android app 0.2.0 version and have a smooth user experience you should use a device powered by Android 2.2 or up.

Published at February 07, 2013 18:24
Updated at February 07, 2013 18:32

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