InEx Finance is truly a multifunctional personal finance management tool intended to help people get their financial lives on the right track and find the balance between wise spending and saving. It enables users to input all their financial information into the system (manually or via import feature), track their spending more closely and get a holistic view of all their finances well organized in one secure place. When you begin keeping tabs on expenses, you become more consciously aware of how efficiently you spend the hard-earned money, get new insights into your spending habits that eventually make it easier for you to draft a budget and stick to it.

So whether it's about tracking expenses, or planning a household budget, or settings savings goals – InEx Finance gives you a powerful set of easy-to-use tools to help you carry out all your money management tasks quickly and effectively. Here is our monthly roundup of the latest updates in InEx Finance software:

1. CSV Data Import

InEx Finance gives you the possibility to reduce the manual data entry to minimum, so that you can focus on more important things, like scheduling future payments, reviewing your budget, tracking your goal progress and so on. With the CSV data import, you can have your bank statements or transaction history uploaded into your account in a matter of seconds. Manually entering each transaction into the system definitely has its advantages, since thus you can be more in touch with your personal finances and quickly detect any discrepancies, however this can easily turn into a daunting task when you are dealing with a large amount of data.

The recent additions to the CSV types already supported by our personal finance software include:

  • Berliner Sparkasse (Germany) – Type “Berliner Sparkasse (DE)”
  • National Australia Bank NAB (Australia) – Type “National Australia Bank (AU)”

2. More Currencies – Wider Global Presence

Nowadays there are a myriad of online personal finance apps designed to suit the most demanding users, however what sets InEx Finance apart from similar online tools is the support of multiple currencies. The following three new currencies have been recently added to InEx Finance:

Currency Name Currency Code
Mongolian Tughrik MNT
Iraqi Dinar IQD
Kuwaiti Dinar KWD

Our software caters to the international audience by allowing transactions to be added in more than 80 global currencies. Thus people worldwide can avail themselves of our online money management application in order to better organize their personal finances and become financially fit.

Published at October 30, 2013 13:26
Updated at October 30, 2013 13:26

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