Now the entire family can take an active part in managing household finances. The new feature allows concurrent access to an InEx Finance account by multiple users. This way all family members can simultaneously access the same account to record their daily expenses and see how these affect the family budget as a whole. A joint approach to money management can help you keep better track of daily spending and proactively engage in handling financial issues.

InEx Finance online money manager lets you add as many users to your account as you need via external authentication feature (Yahoo!, Gmail, Facebook, Yandex), provided that the user's email address is not already associated with an existing InEx account. You can manage (view, add or delete) the list of users authorized to access your account on the Authentications settings. Once a new user is successfully authorized, it will be listed in your Authentications. You will receive an automatic email notification when a new external authentication is added to your account. The added users will be able to sign in using the external authentication authorized by you, thus gaining full access to your account, i.e. they will be allowed to view, add, edit or delete any financial information in your account. If you no longer wish to allow a particular user access to your InEx Finance account, you can easily revoke such user access by deleting it from your Authentications list.

Last week we also implemented InEx Email import feature, that enables you to send your transactions vial email to be automatically imported into your account. You can email one or multiple transactions at a time that must correspond to a simple preset format. Furthermore we have added support of CSV data import from the personal financial management program Inesoft Cash Organizer.

Published at August 22, 2012 17:19
Updated at August 22, 2012 17:19

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