We would like to bring you up to date on the latest changes in InEx Finance tools for personal money management and budgeting. During last month we added two more chart reports to help you keep better track of your income and expenses in each category, as well as trace the changes in your money balance dynamics over time. This kind of information will give you valuable insight into your monthly spending habits and help you identify certain patterns that can further be used to build a realistic family budget. The other improvement concerns the calendar of events for cash flow forecasting. We've added a new feature that allows to assign color labels to the created events, thus making the calendar more user-friendly and intuitive.

1. "Categories Monthly Turnover" Report

This report allows you to analyze income and expenses in all your categories throughout a period of 7 consecutive months, ending with the month selected in Date field. You can filter the results by resource and select the desired report currency. The colors in the monthly bars correspond to the colors you've assigned to your categories, which are displayed in the legend. You may hover over a specific color segment in the bar to see the exact income/expense amount in a certain category. This report will help you easily recognize any unusual spending that may have significantly affected your monthly turnover and take necessary steps to improve your financial situation.

2. "Balance Dynamics" Report

This report reflects the changes in your personal finance balance over time. You may view your balance dynamics for a period of maximum 100 days and filter the results by resource. The balance amounts are displayed in your default currency. For more in-depth analysis of your balance fluctuations over a short time frame, you may use the Zoom feature. You can hover over the data points in the chart to view the amount of your balance at a certain date.

3. Events Calendar

When creating new one-time or repeated events, you can also select a desired color for your event. This additional feature will help you better organize upcoming events and customize your calendar. You may use specific colors based on the event type (for example, income or expense, important or ordinary, one-time or recurring, etc). The color labeling will make it easier for you to prioritize future spending and stay up-to-date on the important events in your life.

We hope the above improvements will come in handy while carrying out your everyday expense tracking and budgeting tasks. As we continue to enhance the functionality of our online personal finance software, stay tuned to InEx Finance blog for more information about new tools and features.

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Published at July 03, 2012 17:36
Updated at July 03, 2012 17:36

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