After the recent financial upheaval, almost all individuals in the U.S. are depending more on credit cards to meet daily routine expenses and incessantly falling into credit card debt. According to the U.S. census bureau, U.S. citizens have over $886 billion in credit card debt and the figure is expected to rise to $1.177 trillion this year. If you are one of these staggering numbers of debt stricken individuals, look out for some ways to come of it as soon as possible. Many people with insurmountable amount of debt pursue debt settlement to pay it off, but it is not a very recommendable option as it takes you a few shots at the whole process, before you can actually succeed. So to avoid such distressing situation, it is wise to stop using credit cards and incurring credit card debt.

So let us have a look at some handy tricks following which you can avoid using credit cards:

1. Close down your account:

One of the best ways to avoid using credit cards is to close down the accounts. Contact the creditors and ask them to inactivate your cards right away. But be careful while closing the accounts as it might hurt your credit score. However, many people avoid doing it as they feel embarrassed when creditors call them to notify that their cards have been denied.

2. Shred your cards:

Another best way to stop using credit cards is to slice up the cards into several tiny pieces. Office shredders will do a wonder on that little plastic as it does on paper. Cutting up cards is the best way to stop using your credit cards as you can never swipe them and incur bills. However, if you do not have a shredder, scissors will work as well. Cut the cards up in as many small pieces as possible so that nobody can guess the card numbers and use for purchase.

3. Do not carry your cards along:

Experts often suggest people to not carry the cards along, especially when going out for shopping. In other words, it is advisable to leave the cards at home. This is the best trick to follow in order to avoid using the cards unnecessarily. This will help you avoid doing impulsive shopping with the cards or buy something that is not so important.

4. Keep all your cards in a locker:

The “out of sight out of mind” approach would work best for you. Keep all your cards in a locker or somewhere that takes a little effort to get them, like for example, in a file cabinet or bottom of the laundry. Keeping the cards out of your reach will help you control the urge of using the cards anytime.

5. Self control:

Being able to tell yourself “no” is a skill that helps you stop using credit cards. Maintain a well-organized and disciplined life, and avoid making the indiscreet use of credit cards. Think twice before swiping your card or purchasing goods with the card.

In conclusion, above mentioned are some useful tricks that will help you avoid using credit cards and incurring credit card debt.

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Published at April 26, 2012 10:33
Updated at April 21, 2014 09:53

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