We have made some improvements to our money management software enabling you to easily integrate your personal finance data from external services. Among our latest developments is Yandex.Money synchronization feature which allows users to automatically import financial transactions executed through the e-commerce payment system Yandex.Money into InEx Finance budgeting system.

We are constantly seeking new ways to help you optimize daily expense tracking and budget planning. The automated import functionality is quite useful and time-saving, since it enables users to establish direct connections with third-party services and securely pull out their financial data instead of manual data entry. If you would like to have a clear picture of your financial situation by consolidating all your personal finance accounting, including transactions in your Yandex.Money account, then all you have to do is to connect to Yandex.Money service from the Synchronization page in your account settings. Then follow Yandex.Money instructions in order to allow InEx Finance read-only access to your transaction data.

Once the connection has been successfully activated, your Yandex.Money transaction history will get synced with your InEx account. Normally the synchronization is run once a day, but you have the possibility to start the process at the time convenient to you in case you need to see the updated financial information right away. Moreover you can set the default category and resource for the imported transactions if you don't want the system to automatically record them under the newly created category and resource "Yandex Money". While running the synchronization process, the system also performs verification to prevent import of duplicate entries.

Besides Yandex.Money sync, the automated data import capabilities from CSV files have also been extended. We've added several new format types to facilitate retrieval of financial data from external personal finance management systems, including: Home.Finance.ua, DrebeDengi.ru and HomeMoney.ua.

We hope that all these recently added tools and features will prove useful and help you optimize your personal finances in the best way possible. Stay tuned to our blog news in order to keep abreast of our future developments.

Published at March 06, 2012 13:35
Updated at March 06, 2012 13:35

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