We implemented a large-scale redesign of our personal finance software over the weekend. The website's design was upgraded to Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 framework released on January 31, 2012. The new Bootstrap version comes with updated built-in forms, some new buttons, advanced features for tables and grids, smarter styling and more intuitive navigation elements. Despite the addition of new cool options and features, Bootstrap 2.0 still remains a lightweight framework, which makes our system easy to use and increases the loading speed of website pages.

Apart from the design upgrade, we also optimized the top menu and some of the supporting functionality of our web-based personal financial application. We've tried to develop a more streamlined structure by bringing in the forefront those tools and features that users most frequently employ in the process of personal finance management and household budget planning. The other instruments that are used more rarely have been grouped together and can also be easily accessed from the top menu.

The upgraded design in combination with the optimized site structure are part of our continuous efforts to make InEx Finance online money manager more intuitive, easier to navigate and responsive. We hope these changes will positively influence user experience and increase user engagement.

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Published at February 06, 2012 17:20
Updated at February 06, 2012 17:20

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