In our continued effort to extend the functionality of our personal finance software and offer InEx Finance users various advanced options to automate the expense tracking process, we've enhanced the import capabilities by adding two new features: Email Import and Import Rules. The Email Import, together with the existing CSV and OFX Import, will greatly simplify the management of your day-to-day financial transactions and enable you to efficiently integrate bank account/card operations into InEx Finance online money management software.

If your financial institution sends you automatic email notifications about each single transaction executed through your bank account or card, then you can forward these emails to us for further processing and import of such transactions into your InEx account. The Email Import feature can be easily configured: all you need to do is enable automatic email forwarding for your bank/card company notifications to the unique email address assigned to your user account. The system will automatically parse the data in the forwarded emails and add the transactions to your account. Moreover you can choose whether you want the financial data in your bank notifications to be imported as Transactions (added directly to your transactions register after successful parsing) or Operations (added to your transactions register only upon your review and confirmation).

Additionally you have the possibility to create your own set of rules to be applied by the system while parsing and importing transactions from Email or OFX files. The Import Rules will ensure that your income/expense transactions are correctly identified and imported under the designated categories and resources. Your rules may contain any numeric and/or text strings to be searched for by the system during email/OFX parsing. Upon detection of records matching your Import Rule, an appropriate category and resource shall be assigned. The system will either process (i.e., import) or ignore (i.e., not import) any detected records corresponding to your Import Rule. You may want to ignore records featuring pending charges that have yet to be posted to your bank/card account or any blocked amounts.

We give you broad flexibility in customizing the import options according to your specific requirements and needs. Whereas the automatic import of your financial transactions may still require some minimum attention from your part, it reduces the workload of manually recording daily income and expenses. Our main goal is to efficiently automate the entire personal finance management and budget planning process, therefore we'll continue working on improving and enhancing our system's functionality.

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Published at February 24, 2012 19:22
Updated at February 24, 2012 19:22

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