Have you ever wondered how your financial transactions would look like if transposed on a map? With InEx Finance mobile version you now have the possibility to see the map of your income/expense transactions recorded in your account on the go. The recently added Transactions Map report enables you to track your financial operations by their coordinates and see the exact locations where they were made. If you are in a hurry and don't have much time to enter details of your mobile transactions occurring throughout the day, then you can open this report later on and look at the places where you spent your money.

The geolocation feature is available for mobile users of our web-based personal finance software and it automatically stores the coordinates of the place where you originally registered a transaction in your account. These coordinates are further used in the Transactions Map report, which displays your income and expense operations in Google Maps. You can see how this report looks like in InEx Finance demo version.

You can filter your mobile transactions by resource or category and limit your search results to a specific date range. The amounts displayed in Google Maps may have 4 different colors depending on the transaction type (income or expense). If you want to view detailed information about a certain transaction, simply click on the corresponding marker (amount) and look at the data presented in the info window. The Transactions Map report supports the standard Google Maps navigation controls: you can move (pan) the map and perform a Google Map zoom, in or out.

With InEx Finance money management software it's easy to track your expenses on your computer or mobile device. Avail yourself of our various tools and features in order to stay on top of your personal finances and keep your financial life on the right track.

Published at February 15, 2012 17:44
Updated at February 15, 2012 17:48

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