While everybody is in a festive mood looking forward to Christmas and New Year holidays, we would like to bring you up to date on what has transpired during the last 2 weeks. As part of our ongoing efforts to make InEx Finance personal money management system more efficient and user-friendly, we continue enhancing its functionality and adding support of new features that you may find useful.

Here is a roundup of InEx Finance December updates:

1. Log Journal

Sometimes users may inadvertently delete records that are important. The situation gets critical when you accidentally delete a resource or category, since all the transactions linked to that resource or category are automatically deleted as well. In such situations the recently added Log Journal in your account settings will definitely come in handy. It lists all transactions that have been deleted during the last 7 days. You may click on the record link to view the details of the deleted transaction. The Log Journal enables you to restore a deleted transaction by clicking on "Restore" button next to it. In case the original transaction resource or category no longer exists, the restored transaction will be automatically assigned new Restored Category or Restored Resource.

Besides deleted transactions, the Log Journal also lists all successful and unsuccessful attempts of email imports (InEx email import or Bank email import). You may click on the record link to view the details of the email import, including the email body and header. In case the email import has been processed unsuccessfully, the error description will also be shown in the record details.

2. Budget Tool

By users' requests, we've improved the Budget tool so that tracking expenses in categories that have sub-categories becomes more efficient and accurate. Both the Overview and Budget pages have been redesigned in order to reflect these recent changes. Since InEx Finance allows users to create budgets for categories and sub-categories separately, it was a bit troublesome to get a clear picture of how the expenses in a sub-category affect the budgeted category as a whole. Now the expenses (income) in the sub-categories are accounted for while calculating the actual and budget amounts for the category itself and displaying the budget progress. On the Overview page, if you want to see the actual/budget amount only for the category (excluding its sub-categories) simply hover the cursor over the numbers and the tooltip will appear.

For your convenience, we've also made it possible to generate your budgets for the next month all at once. Thus you can get a clearer understanding of your future financial situation and make better money management decisions. Simply access the Budgets page and click on "Generate budgets for next month" from the drop-down box on the right side of "Add" button.

3. Transactions Tool

Now it is even easier to copy a transaction with a simple click on the Copy icon (next to Edit and Delete icons) for the record you want to duplicate. So instead of creating a new transaction by manually entering all its details, you may quickly copy a similar one that already exists in your transaction list. The copied transaction will be automatically assigned the current date.

All these changes are intended to make it easier for you to carry out your daily financial tasks and ensure that you have a pleasant personal finance management experience. We hope you'll enjoy keeping track of your expenses and planning your household budget with InEx Finance.

Published at December 19, 2012 19:43
Updated at February 07, 2013 18:27

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