InEx Finance 2.0 brings a new built-in calculator, specifically designed to help you track expenses more easily and make quick computations while managing personal finances. The new calculator comes with enhanced capabilities and some additional features intended to extend its practical application and provide a smooth user experience.

The new InEx Finance built-in calculator is now more powerful and feature-rich:

1. Calculator Persistence

The main improvement in the new calculator is its persistence on the Enhanced Built-in Calculator for Easy Expense Trackingpages. If you open the calculator on the page you are currently viewing and decide to navigate to another page, the calculator won't disappear. It will display the result of your last computations and you won't have to open the calculator anew every time you switch pages. This is one of the many benefits of working in a single-page application.

2. Calculator Flexibility

When you want to perform basic mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division), you can use either the Calculator buttons or your computer keyboard in order to type in numbers and signs of operation. In order to get the result of your calculations, you may use the Enter key or click on "=" button in your Calculator.

3. Calculator Customization

As a result of the recently added support of different number formats, the Calculator has also been adjusted to reflect this change. Depending on the number format you decide to set for your account (underscore, space or apostrophe thousands separator), the Calculator will display the results and numbers you input in the same number format. Moreover the Calculator can be placed anywhere you want on the page by simply dragging it.

4. Calculator Enhancement

Sometimes when viewing tables that contain amounts you may want to quickly calculate the sum of specific amounts for comparison's sake. Instead of inputting the amounts yourself, you may use this additional feature the new Calculator is packed with: in order to copy amounts from tables directly into your Calculator, simply hold Ctrl key and click left mouse button in the amount cell. The amounts will be summed up as positive numbers, regardless of whether you click on an income or expense amount.

Mathematical computations may be boring, yet they are the fastest way to detecting any discrepancies that may affect your personal finances. We hope the new Calculator will come in handy and help you keep an accurate track of your money.

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Published at December 10, 2012 20:49
Updated at February 26, 2013 19:29

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