We are glad to announce that InEx Finance 2.0 has finally been developed and we are ready to release the beta version. We've been working on the new user interface of our online personal finance software for the last couple of months, incorporating innovative concepts and advanced technologies in order to give InEx Finance a brand new feel and touch. Our idea was to design a more visually enhanced UI with improved functionality, that would allow for easier navigation, faster loading time and broader flexibility. The new UI, which is in fact a single page application, has been developed using Backbone.js, while Ruby on Rails has been used as backend to serve JSON data.

All InEx Finance users are welcome to visit InEx Finance 2.0 beta version located at beta.inexfinance.com and give it a thorough test drive. Please report any bugs you find in the beta version by visiting the Questions/Answers section. Moreover we would love to hear your comments or improvement suggestions. If everything goes as planned, then InEx Finance 2.0 version will go live after one week.

In terms of enhanced functionality, here is a round-up of the new or improved features that InEx Finance 2.0 has to offer:

  • Transactions Mass edit/Mass delete (also available for import data)
  • Instant creation of Categories and Resources while adding Transactions
  • Enhanced functionality for Budgets, Goals and Credits tools
  • Overview page redesign
  • New built-in calculator with additional supported features
  • Copy Transaction and Create Event from existing Transaction
  • And much more :)

And last but not least, we would like to let you know that we are currently rewriting InEx Finance mobile version based on the same principles and concepts used in the web version. We hope to release it in December.

Published at November 03, 2012 16:59
Updated at November 03, 2012 17:15

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