This is our November round-up of the latest updates and improvements in InEx Finance system. We appreciate all the ideas and suggestions shared by our users, since they provide valuable insight into your personal finance management requirements and help us align the software's functionality with your specific needs.

1. Different Number Formats

This week we've added support of different number formats. This will result in enhanced visual perception of amounts, especially for people dealing with big numbers. InEx Finance now supports the following symbols for thousands separator: underscore (_), space and apostrophe ('). You can set the desired number format from your account settings. Numbers will be displayed with the selected thousands separator in all tables and fields containing amounts. It's worth mentioning that the chart reports have also been tweaked to reflect this change.

2. Overview Page

You can now choose what you want to see on the Overview page: the last transactions list or the chart showing your financial activity (income vs. expense) for viewed month. Just access your account settings to select the desired Overview type.

3. Number of Items per Page

You can set a default number of transactions or operations to be displayed in tables. Depending on the selected parameter (10, 20, 25, 50 or 100), pagination at the bottom of the table will allow you to move between pages.

4. Transactions

We've added the capability to copy transactions. Thus instead of manually creating new transactions and filling out all required fields, you can simply make a copy of a similar transaction and edit any fields if needed. To copy a transaction click on Edit and choose Copy from the drop-down menu next to Delete button.

5. Events

We've added an easier way to create events and associate transactions to them from your current transactions list. If you want to add an event for transactions that occur on a regular basis, simply choose Create Event from the drop-down menu next to Delete button while editing the said transaction. The event fields will be automatically populated with data retrieved from selected transaction, you only have to give the event a name, choose a recurring schedule and set an email notification date if needed.

6. Transaction Items Report

Since InEx Finance supports itemized transactions, we thought it would be convenient to build a report that would allow to keep track of transaction items. This report enables you to retrieve all transactions which contain the item name entered in the search field. Besides transaction date, amount and currency, the report also displays item name and amount. You may search the item by its partial or complete name and narrow your results by applying date filters.

7. CSV Bank Import

Recently we've implemented CSV import from 3 new financial institutions: Citi Bank, VTB24 and Russian Standard Bank. Now you can easily import statements generated by these banks into your InEx Finance account.

8. Bank Email Import

And last but not least, we've extended the email import capabilities by adding one more supported bank: VTB24. You can enable automatic forwarding of email notifications sent from this bank after each transaction posted to your account. InEx Finance will parse these notifications and automatically import the transaction into your account.

We hope you'll find all the above updates useful and use them regularly in order to manage your personal finances easily and efficiently.

Published at November 28, 2012 10:20
Updated at November 28, 2012 10:20

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