We are extremely excited to announce the release of a new mobile version of our personal finance software. Following the recent launch of InEx Finance 2.0 web version, we felt a strong urge to implement the same cutting-edge technologies in the mobile version as well. We have developed InEx Finance Mobile 2.0 InEx Finance Mobile 2.0 for Personal Finance Managementwith a touch-base environment in mind, enabling you to enjoy the convenience of your favorite mobile device while managing your personal finances on the go.

Much like in the web version, we've had to fully rewrite InEx Finance Mobile user interface using Backbone.js framework. As a result, the mobile version behaves like a single page application, which enables users to interact with the page elements without experiencing any workflow disruptions. This is in a way similar to using a native app on your mobile device, you won't feel the difference. In terms of mobile framework selection, we've remained true to jQuery Mobile mainly because it's touch-base optimized, it has lightweight code and it works seamlessly on all popular smartphone, tablet and desktop platforms. We've also upgraded jQuery Mobile to the latest 1.2.0 version in order to make InEx Finance Mobile faster and more user-friendly.

Multi-currency Expense Tracking and Budgeting on Mobile Devices
InEx Finance Mobile 2.0 automatically pulls up on any mobile device with an HTML5-compatible web browser (including iPhone/iPad, Android, WebOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone). You can learn more about the compatibility with your specific device on jQuery Mobile 1.2.0 Supported Platforms. Once logged in, you can quickly access any of the personal money management and budgeting tools available in the mobile version by simply tapping on the account dashboard icons. InEx Finance Mobile 2.0 brings some enhanced capabilities and features optimized for most smartphones and other mobile devices. It comes in a simple and sleek design that allows for easy navigation and smoother user interaction with the mobile functionality. Many features can be enabled or disabled simply by sliding your finger from left to right on the toggle buttons. While recording new transactions or changing your account settings you can shuffle through the select lists displayed at the bottom of the page to quickly make your choice. Also InEx Finance Mobile has been equipped with a brand-new calculator and built-in calendar for date selection. All these changes and novelties are intended to provide better user experience and deliver a mobile friendly version.

With few exceptions, most of the functionality offered in the web app is also available in InEx Finance Mobile, enabling you to easily track your expenses and monitor your budget spending anytime, anywhere. We would love to hear your feedback or improvement suggestions. With InEx Finance Mobile 2.0 it's just that simple to keep track of your personal finances, since they are only one touch away!

Published at November 24, 2012 10:06
Updated at November 24, 2012 10:34

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