We are excited to announce the release of InEx Finance 2.0. We have completely changed the concept of the user interface by employing cutting-edge technologies in order to develop a single-page application (SPA) that will significantly increase the performance, efficiency and user friendliness of our online personal finance software.

InEx Finance 2.0 has been developed using Backbone.js to build the front-end interface, while Ruby on Rails has been used as backend to serve JSON data. All necessary code in the web app (JavaScript, HTML and CSS) is retrieved with a single page load, while partial changes during user interaction with the app are performed asynchronously. The page in the new UI doesn't automatically refresh while the user interacts with the page elements. Thus the overall performance of the website during user session is much faster, since all user interaction and changes in the application are handled in the context of a single web document.

In terms of efficiency, InEx Finance 2.0 unveils enhanced tools and some additional new features geared towards improving your personal finance management experience. The Budgets, Goals and Credits tools have been significantly remodeled in order to provide better visual insight into your personal finances. A lot of new features have been developed to increase the productivity of Transactions tool. Apart from Mass Edit/Delete, users can now Copy Transactions or Create an Event from existing Transaction. We have also designed a brand-new built-in calculator for easy calculations with some unique features included.

As far as the design is concerned, we have upgraded InEx Finance 2.0 to the latest Twitter Bootstrap 2.2.1 version. Major graphical improvements can be noticed in the chart reports that have been completely revamped in order to provide better user experience. The instant addition of Categories and Resources is another novelty intended to eliminate disruption in user workflow. Above all, the user experience will become more fluid and continuous, since working in InEx Finance 2.0 will be much like using a desktop application while still enjoying all the advantages of a web service.

We hope that you'll enjoy managing your personal finances in InEx Finance 2.0 and eagerly await your feedback. Meanwhile we continue working on rewriting InEx Finance Mobile version and expect to issue the beta release in December.

Published at November 12, 2012 11:10
Updated at November 12, 2012 11:10

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