While we continue working on developing a new user interface with innovative concepts, we would like to give you a round-up of the latest improvements and additions to InEx Finance online money management software.

1. Subcategories

We have added a new tool Subcategories to help you better systematize your income and spending. You can add an unlimited number of subcategories to a parent category and even set a separate budget for the subcategory itself. For example, you have a category "Car" with the following subcategories: "Insurance", "Gas", and "Maintenance". While adding new transactions, you may select the suitable subcategory in order to keep better track of all your car-related expenses. All the reports and graphs in InEx Finance have been properly modified in order to reflect this change and allow you to view statistical data pertaining to subcategories in the same manner as for categories.

2. New CSV file types

Users can now upload bank statements from two more UK banks: First Direct and MBNA. These CSV file types will help you import bulk transactions from the above-mentioned banks into InEx Finance software. As with any CSV file import, the system automatically verifies the data against duplicates, so users can stop fretting over bank statements with overlapping periods.

3. More currencies

We are glad that InEx Finance is getting more and more global by making it possible for people in different countries to manage personal finances in their national currencies. The number of global currencies available in InEx Finance has reached 69. By users' requests, the following new currencies are now supported by our budgeting system:

  • Serbian Dinar (code - RSD)
  • Lebanese Pound (code - LBP)
  • Qatari Rial (code - QAR)
  • Bangladeshi Taka (code - BDT)
  • Algerian Dinar (code - DZD)
  • Vietnamese Dong (code - VND)

We thank all users for their active participation and involvement in the process of making InEx Finance an optimal tool for each and everyone. Keep sending your suggestions and great ideas, since they help us better understand your needs and align the software's functionality with your daily financial requirements.

Published at October 08, 2012 15:38
Updated at February 07, 2013 18:27

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