We are constantly working on enhancing the capabilities of our online personal finance software in order to make InEx Finance more powerful and refined. Recently we have implemented a few changes on the website by improving some of our money management and budgeting tools that will definitely come in handy:

  1. Messages – now online debt management has become easier with our updated communication features. Besides pending External Transfer connection requests and incoming External Transfer Transactions, the system will begin posting automatic Credit Reminders to your Messages as well. This way you can rest assured that you won't miss the deadlines for your deposit returns or debt repayments.
  2. Budgets – apart from showing percentage, we have integrated a small graphical representation of your personal Budget fulfillment rate that will help you better track your household Budgets and make sure you don't exceed your monthly allocations. The vertical blue line represents the current day of month. For spending budgets, the horizontal bar in the small graph will turn from bright green to purple the closer you get to your Budget limit. This must be a warning that you are burning through your money way too quickly. For savings budgets the situation is reversed. The quicker you get to your Budget allocation amount the better. In this case the horizontal bar in the graph will turn from purple to bright green the closer you get to your Budget limit.
  3. Tags – we have changed the Tags Cloud chart report to render it more accurate and transparent. You can easily identify your spending habits and highlight monthly income or expense patterns by looking at the updated Tags Cloud report. When you click on a specific Tag name, you will be redirected to a table report listing all the Transactions associated with your Tag during any period of time.

In addition to the above technical improvements, we've also made some slight changes to website interface and navigation tools. We hope you'll find the updates on InEx Finance online money management system useful and practical.

Published at August 17, 2011 10:19
Updated at November 10, 2011 18:56

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