Improve your finance and budget planning experience with our newly developed feature External Transfer. You can now send and receive money from other InEx Finance users in a blink. This simple and time-saving money management tool will help you better organize your finances and clearly define whom your money is going to/coming from. Activation of External Transfer feature is quite simple: just enter the InEx Finance email address of the user you want to establish an External Transfer connection with, wait until the InEx user confirms your connection request (check out your Messages board), and you can start sending or receiving money within InEx Finance system.

Although the External Transfer feature establishes a connection between your account and other InEx Finance accounts, it is highly secured and safe to use, since the external user only sees the External Transfer Transaction details and your name and email address. Moreover you can delete a prior successfully created External Transfer connection whenever you want.

It's time to start sharing your money management skills with your friends and family members. Simplify your finance tracking with our External Transfer feature.

Published at August 01, 2011 17:39
Updated at November 10, 2011 18:58

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