As promised, we have taken InEx personal finance software to the next level by including a new feature - Import from CSV files. If you don't want to begin your personal money management experience with an InEx account from scratch, then Import from CSV tool will quickly do all the tedious work for you.

If you need to automatically import any transactions data into your InEx account, just click on the Import link in your account settings. Browse for the CSV file to be uploaded, choose the appropriate format of your financial data (a short example is available for all listed formats), and then click on "Start" button. After your file has been uploaded, the page will display the Import Data Overview. At this preliminary stage you can edit or delete any imported transactions, categories or resources. When you have completed revising the preliminary Import Data, click on "Finish Import" button. At this point the imported records will become part of your InEx account data.

If you want to customize the Import from CSV parameters, just browse through the Advanced Settings on the Import page.

Published at May 08, 2011 16:01
Updated at November 10, 2012 18:12

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