During the holiday season it's hard not to feel overwhelmed by the Christmas spirit and the amount of things you want to buy. Even the most frugal people are prone to unintentional overspending. But it's also the time of the year when you should be particularly careful with your personal finances and how you manage them, otherwise the financial stress and anxiety will get the better of you. If you don't want Christmas to catch you by surprise, the best thing to start with is drafting a realistic holiday budget.

InEx Finance free budgeting software offers a large selection of online budget planning tools that will help you live comfortably within your means and always be prepared for the unexpected. Personal budgeting isn't about deprivation, it's about making sure that your money is being spent on things that really matter. Most families just spend as needed and don't bother with putting together a monthly budget and tracking household expenses. This approach might work just fine for them until the money runs out way before the end of the month and they can't figure out how it could have happened. With our personal budget planner you'll always know how much you spend and what you have left.

Moreover we have added two recent features to our Budget tool to ensure that you are as accurate as possible in your personal finance budgeting:

  1. Budget overview sidebar – when you create a new household budget you are presented with a snapshot of your income or expenses in the selected category. You can carefully analyze your earnings or savings before deciding on the amount you want to allocate for your budgeted category. Your past activity over a period of six months gives you a better understanding of your spending/saving habits and helps you map out a realistic family budget.

  2. Budgets chart report – this is an useful reporting tool intended to give you an insight into your budget planning strategies. You can select any budgeted category and take a look at the chart illustrating your actual versus planned amount (income or expense) over the past six months. This report gives you a great visual idea of how closely you've managed to stick to your monthly budget plans and pinpoints the categories that need to be readjusted. You may point your mouse over a specific column to see the exact actual/planned amounts.

Household budgeting may seem a difficult task, but InEx Finance online budget planner makes it easy and worthwhile. Efficient budget planning strategies not only create opportunities for eliminating unnecessary expenses, but also reveal ways to save money. If you want to enjoy a more affordable holiday season, arm yourself with a realistic personal budget and make sure you follow it.

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Published at December 21, 2011 18:02
Updated at December 21, 2011 18:02

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