It's time to bring you up to date on the latest improvements and updates to the InEx Finance personal money management software. Over the last month we have focused on enhancing the reporting tools (particularly the chart reports), finalizing the compilation of the Help guide and making some changes to the account settings. Here is a snapshot of the work we have managed to complete:

  1. Chart Reports – in order to give you a more consolidated view of your personal finances, we have replaced some chart reports with 3 new ones: Resource Totals, Category Totals and Income vs. Expense. The first 2 reports will help you compare Resource or Category turnover by different Currencies and date ranges. The third report lets you analyze historic Income vs. Expense data by Resources for any given time period.
  2. Help guide – we have finished writing the initial version of InEx Finance Help guide. We've tried to incorporate as much useful information as possible to assist you in managing your personal finances smoothly and effortlessly. Since InEx Finance functionality is constantly being improved or enhanced, we'll do our best to update the Help guide accordingly.
  3. Authentications – we've added this new option to your account settings as another security measure. It lists all the external services you have heretofore used in order to authorize yourself in the InEx Finance online system.

We remain committed to our goal of making InEx Finance software surpass your highest expectations in terms of usability and reliability.

Published at October 17, 2011 18:12
Updated at November 10, 2011 19:00

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