Open Sergey
September 02, 2016 15:06

PLEASE OPEN SOURCE ! OR SELL YOU CODE TO ALL USERS, PLEASE! Пожалуйста выложьте проект в опенсорс или дайте возможность купить проект пользователям, потому что лучшей системы нет.

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Roman Yakovenko
September 03, 2016 12:22

+1 open source

September 05, 2016 13:34


September 05, 2016 20:33

Subscribing. I am ready to pay once for continuing use InEx. But the price for new functions which I don't need (I mean FENTURY) is totally unreasonable for me.

September 06, 2016 18:57


September 07, 2016 13:23


Thank you for being with us. To our great disappointment, we are forced to shut down the InEx service, due to the fact that it is no longer profitable for us to keep running it. We won’t put InEx in Open Source, because we may need the code for other projects that we are currently running. At this point we need the resources from InEx for our other projects.

Nonetheless, we care about our clients so to help you avoid the hassle of having to find a new service, we partnered with Fentury. We made sure to get a decent discount for all the loyal InEx users, as well as working with them on making the data transfer and migration as smooth, and painless as possible. Also, to give you time to get used to Fentury, the first 30 days are free of charge - so you have plenty of time to decide if you want to become a subscriber or not.

Sincerely Yours

InEx Team

September 09, 2016 04:48

Fooo such be!

October 23, 2016 07:42

It could be great, if you at least sell you source code, so users can use crowdfunding resource to earn money and buy your code. What price of the code?
Actually, you don't need your code to other products, and even in that case, it's good practice if you publish your code (but not all), so someone who find bug, can send a fix to you.