Open Alexander Protsenko
October 08, 2015 00:39

Could you explain how budgets and transactions work when syncing your bank accounts to InEx?

If I create a budget the only way to see if I am following the budget is by managing the transactions. However can I assume that the program isn't smart enough to know that when it syncs a transaction from McDonald's that it should go into the ''Food'' budget?

One of the ways I follow my budgets is by manually inputting every transaction I make. Again, if my bank accounts are synced will I not have double the transaction if I input it manually and then it further syncs with my bank account.

Could you please explain this?


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Diana / staff
October 19, 2015 15:42

Hello Alex,

You are right about the system not being "smart" enough to assign the imported transactions to the corresponding budgets in your account.
If you input such transactions manually and then sync your bank account, then yes you will have duplicate transactions in your account.

The most convenient way to manage your budgets is to sync your bank account and then go through the imported transactions and attribute correct categories to them (according to the budgets you have set). Thus there won't be any need for you to enter them manually, and you won't have any duplicate entries in your account.